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January 12, 2013

A and N made up school today for Thursday. They should have school tomorrow, too, to make up for some of next week, but I promised them I would take them to the nursing home to see D tomorrow. Next week I have a cardiac test on Monday, The Children’s Museum with R on Thursday, and OMSI class on Friday. And the week after that I have a biopsy on Monday, and a vaccine appointment for Avery on Friday? Lots of appointments coming up. Hope to be able to get school in, so there may be more Saturday School coming. I think Nik is going to take them to OMSI and I am going to go with Avery to his new preschool class.

But today:

  • Naim did Lesson 37 of DER. Only two more to go! He really is doing well in reading and has not seemed to lose much over our long break like he usually does. I think having the iPod touch helps because he does have to struggle through some reading on that regularly.
  • Aaron read review words in the last review of HOP. He read “The Case of the Missing Sandwich” to Nik. He will have one more day of review and then we are through with the book.
  • We did Ch. 10 Lesson 2, Day 1 in MIF, where we weighed items using a random unit of measure (blocks in our case, they used marbles in the book.) We played a game of guess the weight of the mystery item, so that was fun.
  • They both did Sylvan Spelling and workbooks respectively.
  • Naim did the bonus workbook for Lesson 6 in HOP and reread the story.
  • Aaron did “s” in HWT
  • Naim did more cutting, and sorting of letters and letter sounds in ZB and some mazes. When you look at handwriting as an OT experience like they do in this book, you get a lot farther at getting down to the root of the problem. The more I think about it, the more I think HWT sucks and I should have started with ZB in the first place. Although Aaron is still doing HWT, but anything would have worked for him.
  • They watched BrainPop about Jack London.
  • They watched a BrainPop about the solar system and made a 3D model with Nik. I think we can wrap up that Magic Schoolbus now (solar system) and go on to the next one.

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