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August 14-23, 2013

Oh, one of these again. This is more because my memory fails me on the specifics of what we do if I don’t post at least every couple of days. Bad me.

Sooooo…..(drawing a blank.)

Avery has been a good little Goddard Child. I am noticing that they are putting him in the next room over and I am getting DARs from that room. It’s not a big deal, but I just wonder if they are planning on telling me what’s up? Is this a ratio issue and a temporary thing or are they getting ready to move him? Reports here and here. He is off today because I am going to put him in more days next week while the kids are in camp.

Highlights of Schoolwork….

  • We finished Ch. 15 in HOP dealing with Calendar and Time.
  • Aaron has finished ALL the work in hooked on phonics. I am so glad. He will be starting HOP Master Reader for 3rd grade.
  • I have Naim’s curriculum for Reading Horizons and he did a bit of the early assessments. He did better than I thought on some sections but got 0% on recognizing and discriminating vowel sounds. He always tells me he can’t hear the difference between like /a/ and /e/. It is frustrating. But he did seem to like the new curriculum interface.
  • We read and did the work for DER “Busy Bea”.
  • They did their usual stuff with handwriting and sylvan
  • They did a kiwi crates box where they made recycled paper and leaf-print bags. That is the last one I had. I really like those things, the materials are such good quality. But, alas, saving money for now.

Fieldtrip-wise, we have gone swimming once, and did our last day at the Outpost, also got haircuts. Naim also had an interview with a reporter from the Hillsboro Tribune at a Starbucks, but she seemed as nonplussed as I was about why they would be doing an article on this ‘non-event.” As of today, there is no story. This all went down from Naim filling out a little rider profile form on the TriMet website. He got a ton of attention for doing it…and then nothing. And he was so excited…that it has just been a fucking headache ever since and I wish it would go away. It has taken up my time to deal with it and I really don’t know what to tell him about why nothing is published like they promised him. (If they are not going to publish, fine. But just TELL ME and so I can tell him and be done with it. Sigh.) TriMet did send him a package of swag, so he liked that. But whatever.

Naim also started soccer practice. The coach seems less than social. Like to the point where I introduced myself and he did not even acknowledge that I was talking to him. Is this something white, hetero, able-bodied males can get away with? Or is he on the spectrum or something. I mean, he is REALLY rude. Anyway, we think he is kind of aloof to everyone, not just us. And Naim seems to like him, which is the important thing. He seems to do better with the kids. So maybe painfully shy? But how do you get through life like that? (hetero-male privilege???? The rest of us blind folks and otherwise have to WORK to put people at ease.)

They did end up putting him on a U9 team, rather than U8 like they promised us, so all of he teammates from last year are not there, which was kind of disappointing for him. But he seems to be bouncing back from that. I am not sure where the U9 team leaves us as far as transportation to games. We lost all of our parent connections for rides as well. So we have to start from scratch. But maybe this will mean that at least SOME of the games we can get to, rather than all of the ones in U8 we were going to need rides for. The game schedule has not come out yet. It will hopefully be soon so we can make arrangements, otherwise Naim will not get to play at games, which he knew would be a possibility.

We spent last weekend cleaning up their room and moving A and N in with Avery as an experiment. We now have a dedicated school room. So far, it is going really well.

Today, Naim has gone canoeing with R. It sounds like a lot of fun and a really neat idea. He was a bit scared, but I think he will do OK once he is there.

August 4-11, 2013

Ok, So I think due to our A/C breaking down and my office being like, 98 degrees for the last week, I did not get any blogging done. I will review:

On 8/4, Naim and Nik went to a Portland Timbers reserve soccer game. This was a free ticket that he got from being at soccer camp. Since it was reserves, the stadium was practically empty, but he had fun. It would be nice for him to see the mayhem of  a full-fledged game. Nik rooted for the Vancouver White Caps and Naim rooted for the Timbers. I think they even had American and Canadian Flags. White Caps won.

On Monday, Avery went to Goddard and the kids did school downstairs because it was cooler. I can’t remember what they did right now. We also went to the library in the afternoon where we read some pokemon and superhero books and they turned in their summer reading poster and got their free books and stuff.

On Tuesday, we waited around for the A/C guy who didn’t show up, we tried to get some school done and Erika came for Naim and they went for a walk. In the afternoon, we went to the park and to D’s house for some cool air. They had fun going through the stuff they haven’t seen in 8 months. I should have let them do that awhile back. They also went with Nik to a neighborhood safety party at the park. They ate watermelon and talked to the police and fire people about safety stuff. Naim apparently entertained the firefighters a great deal.

On Wednesday, They went to the dentist in the morning and they went to Pump It Up in the afternoon.

Thursday I am drawing a blank, but I do know that I spent flippin’ days waiting for home repair people who did not show up.

On Friday, Avery went to Goddard and the kids did school. The A/C guy came in the afternoon. Also R. came to visit Naim for the afternoon.

On Saturday, they went to the gym with Nik.

On Sunday, we went to visit D in the nursing home and they played minecraft and other games with him.

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June 30-July 5, 2013

Summer means once a week consolidated posts, I guess.

June 30, Nik and I went to dinner and to the Fleetwood Mac concert and the kids stayed with Casper, a mom from VH (whose kids are all grown up, now.) That seems to go ok.

Avery went to Goddard M,T,W all day so I could run the kids around to their respective camps. I have Mon,  Tues and Wed DARs.

Naim went to Timbers Soccer Camp at Jeld-Wenn Field. He liked being at the big stadium. He fought heat and dehydration but seemed happy each day. He met a Timbers player who autographed his hat. (Diego Valeri? I think?) He said the coach says he is too slow. I am not sure if he is that slow or if he just gets self conscious and doesn’t run full-out. He has better endurance than a lot of the kids. But he is a marathoner and not a sprinter (or at least that is what he does more of) so I am not sure. He got a certificate.

Aaron, meanwhile, went to the children’s museum’s City Builders camp. He seemed to have a lot of fun and brought home a lot of glue gun and wood items. They seems to all revolve around Decepticon (some kind of Transformer.) He pretty much made himself a whole playset. He drew one version of transformer on one side of a thing he made, and the other version that it transformed into on the other, so you could switch sides and play both. This is his second camp this summer with no “meltdown” incidents. He brought this home.

On Thursday, they went to the Independence Day parade with Nik. Then later we walked around the neighborhood and ran into the neighbors around the corner who were doing fireworks in the street. Aaron got himself adopted to this family and they gave him a popsicle. I never know what to do in those situations. They seemed really nice, but I hope we weren’t crashing in an annoying way. I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on in the dark with a bunch of firecrackers going off. I was just trying to figure out what my kids were doing.

Friday, Aaron had his last day of camp and so Naim and Avery and I went to the zoo. I think this was the first time Avery really “got” the zoo. That you are supposed to look at animals. He liked the sea lions and he really liked the elephants. He said “bye, bye, elephants” on his own. Then later when I said that he said, “hello, elephants.” He made a joke!

I got tired of running them around, but it was a good week for them at camp.

June 25-29, 2013

Erica came on Tuesday. Something that is going to drive me nuts for the rest of the summer, because it cuts in to the middle of the day. But I think we are going to start  swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons, so then the whole day won’t be a wash.

Wednesday, I took Naim to an informational meeting about Destination Imagination, something that I thought he would be very good at and enjoy. Here is the website. It is a team challenge thing where they get problems and a limited amount of time to solve them. At the meeting, they took the kids to go do instant challenges. He liked it a lot, even to the point where he said he wanted to do it more than soccer. So, I am now in “negotiations” with some other parents about starting a team where it looks like I might be (reluctantly) co-team manager. The kids are going to meet a few times over the summer and see how it goes, so we will see.

Thursday, we went to the OutPost. Nik had the day off so he went with us. Naim did superheroes training and they did some science experiment making crystals on charcoal.

Friday Avery went to Goddard.

Big kids had school:

  • We worked on the first half of the cumulative review of Chapters 10-13 in MIF. I am not testing them, I am just using the test as a review of everything so far. They did OK for this first half.
  • They both did 2 Sylvan pages.
  • Aaron did the review game and worksheets for Unit 1 in HOP. He also read “This Book is Broken” to Nik.
  • Naim did the bonus workbook for lesson 1 in HOP. He reread the story in the book to Nik.
  • Aaron did the next 2 pp. in HWT
  • Naim did Pp in the ZB workbooks.

Both kids are doing well with reading every night and adding their reading to the library summer reading program poster. Naim has been working on Starfall and both have been picking out books to read from the Reading Rainbow app.

On Saturday, Naim went to a “Funino” festival which has something to do with the curriculum they are using this fall to teach the soccer teams. They played three mini games. His team won 2 and lost 1. He has also been jogging with Nik. He goes about  1/2 the distance that Nik does and then comes home. I think it is probably about 4K.


October 20, 2012

Naim had soccer and won the game, so their team has a pretty good record.

After soccer they went to BFG, Big Friendly Giant at NWCT. Before they got there (they=Nik, Naim, Aaron) they stopped at the Burnside McDonald’s where someone apparently screamed and found a newborn baby in the toilet. Meanwhile, Nik and kids were in the mens room changing out of Naim’s soccer gear while someone in the next stall was shooting up. Don’t know the whole story, but some guy who was a army medic got the baby out of the toilet and wrapped it up in paper towels. The EMTs were called and all were taken to the hospital. It sounds like the mother was there, she did not abandon her baby in the toilet, just had it in the toilet and then sort of didn’t know what to do. Sad. As I told Nik, you do not have your baby in the McDonald’s bathroom unless you’ve got big problems. Hopefully they all will get the help they need. But sigh. The kids were really excited about it, but it was a hard question to answer why someone would have their baby there. We talked about homelessness a bit, which we’ve talked about before. I lit a candle for her and baby at Church today.


They all really liked BFG. My Boyfriend John Ellingson was BFG and Nik said he had a really good Scottish accent. After they went to the dollar store and got a few decorations for Holloween and went to D’s house for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, at home, Avery and I did a little bit of Buttercups stuff. He did a puzzle that he pasted the pieces together, we made a paper bag scarecrow. He really liked crumbling up the paper and stuffing it in the bag. And the gluestick.

October 18, 2012

Avery went to Goddard. Traci says he is sick of his lunch and doesn’t eat it. It cracked me up because I never know what Nik packs, but when she started telling me what he had today I could have recited it. So, it isn’t only me who sees Nik’s lack of creativity around meals. I think it must come from not being able to just go and scan around the kitchen to see what’s there, you fall back on the same things. I have done dinner menus for him, so now I think I need to make a list of lunch ideas, too. Wait–didn’t I do that already once or twice? Where do those things go?

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 26 of DER
  • We did 8.11 and a practice/review in Calvert Math
  • They did each 2 pp. of Sylvan. Aaron started his new 2nd grade book. It is not too hard for him, it is just right. But he has a lot more writing than he is used to and he is being a whiner about it.
  • Naim did worksheets, review of words, and shared reading and song in HOP Lesson 2.
  • Aaron did a worksheet and reread “Over My Head” for HOP Lesson 8. (And told me all about DNA and RNA and drew double helixes on his paper.)
  • Did HWT #1-5
  • Watched BrainPop Jr. about 100 and skip counting
  • Watched BrainPop about two party system and elections
  • Did Lesson 2 in Maps, Globes and Graphs (which is going to become MMG)
  • Did Little Passports to India
  • Naim practiced his lines and songs for his play (Aaron helped.)
  • Naim had soccer.

Soccer pics came at soccer practice today:

October 16, 2012

Naim wanted me to take a picture of his 2s chart.

VH Day

Naim had math playground, drama and interact theater. Aaron had engineering in which he made a small catapult out of craft sticks, binder clips and a spoon. Apparently this lead later to raisins being shot across the interact classroom, which scandalized Naim. Aaron did say that he picked them up and we did have a big talk about how Naim agreed to let him share the class with him so he needs to be respectful of that. Naim and I talked about how Aaron’s behavior is Aaron’s responsibility and Hillary and I will work with him on it, he does not have to worry about it. Hillary did not say anything to me, so either she handled it or we just didn’t cross paths.

Avery and I played in the playroom, went to Library story time where the theme was opposites and he did a craft, and briefly played at the park.

I started Tuesday/Wednesday homework.

  • Naim did Sylvan 4 pp., a practice page of numbers and worked with the hundreds board on skip counting with 2s.
  • Aaron did not have his new Sylvan book yet (came the next day) so he just did the  numbers practice and the hundreds board.

Naim had soccer.