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June 22, 2012

Avery’s Goddard notes. All I know about that is that they had some sort of petting zoo come in, but Avery was not forthcoming on what animals he actually petted.

Big Kids:

  • Sentence School was: Corks float. Forks sink. They are getting the whole noun/verb thing.
  • Handwriting was y
  • Naim did DER Lesson 4. Aaron read “Circus” for the third time and did the worksheet.
  • They did a tangram activity in math, a review and the Ch. 5 test, which they both got everything right on. But Naim sort of bombed the commutative test because he didn’t look at add/subtract signs and had trouble with writing numerals.
  • Naim did more seasons words in Sylvan and Aaron did only one page in his. Aaron did the DVD and book portion of HOP Lesson 15. Naim read 2 bob books because I wanted to review more before we went on.
  • We watched brain pop about carnivorous plants.

They went to D’s in the afternoon. This weekend we are in the middle of our “parents and kids switch” weekend. Naim has done a really good job trying to be helpful. Aaron mostly has enjoyed bossing us around. Naim has been getting sick all day so I have tried to get him to rest so he will be good to go for Trackers camp which starts Monday. And next Saturday is the OHEN conference, so it will be a very busy 6 days in a row.

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