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May 21, 2012

Avery started crying the second I called for him to come down to leave for school. He was ok when we walked there, then cried when we got there, then stopped fairly soon after (I stay out in the hallway until he stops.)  When I went to pick him up, she seemed all happy with how he did and that he played with the other kids. He had a few check marks on the report. Do they read this blog and act accordingly? Hmmm. Well, I’m on two tracks. One is working on hiring someone new (have a possible person already.) And the other is to keep him there. We have conferences on Fri, even if a bit early, I’m curious to see how that goes.

Big kids:

  • Read “Late Night at the Zoo” and did worksheets.
  • Made designs with the Montessori geometric shape stencils and did 5.2 and 5.3 in book. More plane polygons. Did not get to the practice book today because we spent a lot of time with the montessori stuff, including looking up the names of shapes on the internet. (ellipse vs. oval and circlinear triangles, etc.)
  • Sylvan, Aaron finished color words and finished the whole K spelling box finally. Naim did short e words.
  • HOP, Naim did the DVD and reading of his lesson 12 -im words. Aaron did same in HIS lesson 12 cr- and pr- words.  We listened to some of the HOP songs about short a and e. Also listened to HWT “Magic C rap’ at Aaron’s request.
  • Word Time was TUNE and MUSIC
  • HWT was a
  • Got Little Passports FRANCE mail and went through it, looked at map of France, etc.

Have started working with Avery on iPad and talking cards. he is interested and with prompting and modeling, will select “apple” to get apple, etc.  I have high hopes for this since he seems to get it and is motivated by the iPad. I emailed Kathy about it, so we shall see.

May 20, 2012

Church today, likely the last for the season until fall. Kids’ class was supposed to light chalice in big sanctuary, but our MAX was early and we missed it by probably 2 minutes, then the next one was late, so we were too late and missed it. Nik and I went up to their class and visited because they invited us. They talked about their treasures. Aaron’s was the death star (roll eyes.) Naim had me write “humans” “home” “bananas” and “fluffy toys” and then went off on fluffy toys. I get SICK of FluffyPantsLand…although it seems like everyone in there was quite familiar with it.

Nik and I did a short Sully/guide dog presentation and Naim talked a bit about FluffyPants and then Nik and I left. That was Andy’s last day, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess he is going to teach choir next year so that’s good. He has grown on me A LOT.  I think he will do a lot better than Choir Boy. Choir Boy is a good musician but maybe not so good with kids.

We came home and then went to M.L. birthday party at Outdoors In. We were supposed to go early and get a present from Let’s Play, but it was closed. So now we owe her and IOU present. Everyone did good at the party. Including me. I kicked myself out of my cacoon even though it was VERY LOUD and I couldn’t hear and talked to several moms. Met a new one whose kid is in Naim’s classes at VH and they hung out together. Will try to invite her to summer party. (Part of homeschooling for me is to be a good playdate mom, something I tend to suck at. So trying to step it up.)

S.K and Aaron. I like how the two or three dads that were there wall flowered in a corner with their phones or a book.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S.

Mike yelled PIZZA! and Avery yelled, PIZZA! and came running over. A word!

Naim took this. Mike and CAKE! Mike is a cool dad that didn’t wallflower. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him wallflower, even when it wasn’t his kid’s party.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S. and cake. Damn, since I’ve been off sugar that cake was damned good.

May 18, 2012

Its SuperMan’s Crystal Palace gone dark side? No, its iron filings magnified.

The same filings not magnified.

Aaron with his home made magna doodle that he taught how to dance.

Goddard School.

Fuck Goddard School. Avery’s apprehension about going is getting worse, not better. He was hesitant to leave the house and then cried big fat wailing time when we got there. I stayed in the hall way after we left to see the duration of the crying and it went on longer than it does usually at Church nursery or at 24 hour fitness where it usually is just some whimpering and then it stops the second I leave and he goes off and plays. The little activity reports they give never have any participation checkmarks for him. I think since he is generally easy to play with himself and ignore, that is what happens. He came home with what appears to be fingernail scratches on the back of his neck and a skinned knee. The skinned knee doesn’t phase me because he probably just fell. The fingernail scratches (along with biting) is very typical of the childcare setting when the ratio is too high. Of course kids will do this and one time is no big deal, but it is kind of like, a typical sign you look for. Who wants to be pinched and bit all the time in childcare?

This was a bad parenting decision on my part, I think, and I have just about decided to pull him out. I have to give 30 days notice, though. I pay those fuckers $13.75 an hour–for this? (I don’t think Goddard School is any better or worse than any other corporate daycare setting like Kindercare, Learning Years, etc. I think it is a bad rap all the way around.) I can hire someone for that money to come in to my house and make him lunch and do the damned dishes, too. Plus with a bit of training I could probably train them to do speech therapy with him and even TAKE him to therapy. I’m already on sitter city about it and then I might place an ad on the homeschooling boards as well. I can’t see him going to Goddard past June at this rate. This is bullshit.

Still like the schedule as far as big kids and I am concerned. But it is too much to sacrifice for Avery to get no attention and go somewhere he doesn’t like. He was supposed to get MORE attention than I can give him. I must have had a brain fart to think that would happen there.

Big kids:

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 10. “Late Night at the Zoo.” Talked about silent e words.
  • Did Lesson 5.1 in Calvert Math. Started Geometry. Plane shapes today.
  • Aaron did half of color word assignment in Sylvan and ten spelling words.
  • Naim did 2 pages of short a words in Sylvan
  • Naim went back and did a Lesson we somehow missed part of in HOP. -ig words. He read “The Pig.”
  • Aaron did the worksheet part of lesson 11 in HOP, fr- words and br- words.
  • Word Time (SAD LIVELY)
  • HWT: lower case t.
  • Science Finished magic school bus magnetism unit. Made magnetic fields with iron filings (well, made them visible. We didn’t actually MAKE magnetic fields : ) Also made homemade magna doodles.

Back to Avery. Downloaded an AAC app on my iPad which is a bit easier than Proloquo2go. Might start with that. Will email SPL about it.

A new feature: A short video!

May 17, 2012

VH Day. Everyone would not get up. So I ended up not being able to even take a shower and so I threw stuff into a gym bag and decided I would get dressed at 24 Hour Fitness. Kids had discoverers and Measure for Treasure and Drama. I know that Naim gave a bottle of his lotion to Bobbi and Witney, but I don’t think he explained the market research aspect of it…so who knows what they thought! Oh Well. Measure for Treasure was more shopping, it sounded like.

Avery and I went to 24 Hour. He played in the playroom for a bit over and hour while I swam (or attempted to, too many people!) and took a shower. After we went to Ava’s and then the VH playroom for my Comm. Duty.

Naim was a bit sick, and complained immensely, but no fever.

Later we read Magic School Bus Ancient Egypt. And have been playing LOTS and LOTS of UNO!

May 16, 2012

Avery had Head Start today which included the dietitian coming to our house. At first I thought it was going to be really lame because it was like she pushed play and did her “show” and started by telling me what 1 cup was. But then she got all three kids involved and started them making there own snacks. They first squeezed orange slices in a plastic bag and stuck a straw in for orange juice. Then she had them shred carrots and mix shreds with cream cheese and put on a slice of zucchini, then she had them pound on rice cereal in a plastic bag and crunch it up and then put banana slices in it and shake it for “banana cookies.” They had fun and Naim and Avery ate everything. Aaron skipped the zucchini and made his usual complaints. She told me to ration Aaron’s snacks in small cups or bags instead of giving him access to all the stuff in the kitchen. Good idea, but easier said than done. First of all, there is not a place in the kitchen that he can’t get to. There is no “up high.” I’d need to get a safe. Second, if I do that for him I have to do cups for all the kids, which is fine, but then I have to make sure Aaron doesn’t steal the other kids’ cups. But I will try it.She also talked about getting kids involved and serving themselves “family style” etc. It wasn’t new info, but fun for kids to try new snacks and I got free measuring cups, cheese grater and leftover food.

Then Naim went to work at D’s even though D tried to get out of it but I wouldn’t let him. I guess that went OK. He said he cleaned off the kitchen counters, folded and put away laundry, cleaned up all the toys and “toy table” and vacuumed with the little vacuum cleaner. I guess it is OK for a first day. D is way underestimating Naim’s abilities and way overestimating the amount of instruction he needs. He does have a learning curve, but he learns after 2 or 3 attempts and is fine after that. It is even easier at D’s house because he can reach almost everything. I guess he earned his $5.

While he was there, Avery and I went to speech. She had him putting pictures of items in pockets and then finding a matching pictures. He did it under duress. She tried to get him to do beginning sounds with each picture but that was a no-go. We talked about auditory processing stuff and she wants to talk to Jean about what hearing/auditory tests he’s been given. She was not terribly impressed with their hearing assessment. I know he can hear, but if it turns out he is hearing impaired, I will be pissed off at EI (what’s new?) But my gut says it is more about auditory processing than hearing per se.

Read three Magic School Bus books to kids. Two on astronomy and one on geology. Took Sully to the vacant lot and worked with him and Naim and some play-time. That’s it.

May 15, 2012

Kids went to VH. Math Playground was something about going outside and standing in a circle in human knots and unknotting themselves. Book worms was about Mexico, I think. Science seemed to be about layers of the earth and they made some concoction to represent the layers. Aaron made bionicles in Legos.

Avery and I played the first hour and read one of the Ladybug bookshelf books on the iPad. We then went to the library for story time which was all things cat. Avery played with a glue stick and kinda sorta glued cats on a piece of paper. Also got librarian to help me find books for everyone. Aaron was ancient Egypt, Naim was Magic Schoolbus, and Avery was some board books. Took Avery to park and the fountain was on, played on playground etc. Went back and had lunch. I really do have my own Avery preschool going on those days. For FREE!

Cat craft at Library Toddler Storytime.

Morning at VH. Alone with cars is the best thing evan!

May 14, 2012

Avery went to Goddard and cried again but went willingly to Traci, Still mixed feelings about Goddard and for some reason, a lot of new feelings about child care in general. Nik keeps telling me about older people who are blind that they have to turn away for services because they don’t have a vocational goal as retirees (they won’t let them have one either, once above 55.) Some have money that they would be willing to spend on private tutoring in computers, Braille, O&M and ADLs, etc. But the problem is child care. How to work and now cancel out what you make with child care, and how to find decent, dependable? It is a catch-22. But anyway, It says Avery played with trains. And perhaps rose petals. But who knows?

Big Kids:

  • Last day of “Run, Rabbit, Run” did worksheet, helped Naim significantly with it. Aaron is chugging through the Usborne stuff, and getting farther away from Naim. So much for “Together Reading.” I think I will keep on, do a lot of help with Naim, and work on comprehension with him. Whatever else can’t hurt.
  • Worked on Moonjar boxes and discussed Spend/Save/Share model of money management. We talked about how there are many people richer than us in the US, but compared to the world, we are very rich and we watched some video of conditions in Latin America and also some information about clean water and water access. Aaron filled up a jug of water and wanted to send it to the people who have to walk 3 miles for dirty water. We talked about how  just sending water would only help for a day and would cost a lot of money and what they need are wells and filtration systems. The moon jars were built, but then it got a little out of hand when counting and keeping track of money. They don’t totally get it and it needs more work. I am going to have to go back to this later and now go back to the Calvert book. Moonjars might end up being a “special project.”
  • Naim did 4 review pages of beginning and ending sounds in Sylvan. Aaron did 2 and spelling words.
  • Naim did HOP online worksheets.
  • Aaron did DVD and book reading fr- and br- words. One word was Fred, and he thought that was hysterically funny because Fred was just here.
  • Word Time was SING and PLAY.
  • Handwriting was W
  • Also worked on shoe-tying with Naim, which is driving me crazy! Can’t model because he doesn’t have the visual-spatial to copy. Have to go hand-over-hand. He gets it, then the next day forgets and we start all over again.

Ingredients were shea butter, cocoa butter, bees wax, glycerin, sunflower oil, vitamin E and lavender. We got the recipe off the ‘net, natch.

We all went to D’s house to get a celsius thermometer. Then Naim and I made homemade lotion this afternoon. It is one of his ideas for entrepreneurship. They are still cooling, but it seemed to go well. The most complicated part was that you had to mix certain ingredients when they were certain temperatures. This required some constant stirring and waiting until things cooled. Patience required. Naim wants to name his company NX. He put that on all the jars. We made 5 jars, I tried to tell him that this was our focus group jar batch. If he wants to sell them, we will do more and he will have to do the math.