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    June 2012
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June 25, 2012

Over the weekend, we had our switch roles weekend. Naim did a really good job and was very nice about making breakfast for everyone, taking Sully out, etc. We did help him a lot, but he also did a lot of stuff himself that he doesn’t usually do. We let him use the oven (with supervision) we had him fold our laundry, which he usually doesn’t do (he has done his and Avery’s before.) He did well. Aaron spaced the whole thing off more. We were a bit sick on Sunday (Naim and I) and I wanted him to rest up for trackers camp, so we didn’t do as much as he wanted. He wanted to go on a field trip where he was the parent. I told him that we could do it again and try different things.

Monday, the plan for my birthday was that I was going to go with Nik and them to Trackers camp. But I was REALLY sick on Monday and it sucked because I couldn’t go. I was going to go to the commission afterwards and have lunch with Nik and stuff, but it was all a no go. I pulled Avery out of Goddard and switched days till Tuesday, so I could observe him. But it all kind of went to hell.

But everyone made it to Trackers ok. I have mixed feelings about it and am still investigating. It seemed like it used to focus more on outdoors survival skills. I liked it because the kids were doing real stuff, not just pretend stuff. They give the kids a lot of responsibility. But now it seems like they have moved more into focusing on war games and violent fantasy. They shoot bows and arrows (with foam arrows.) Now I am hearing about throwing stars and stuff. I’m not all that squeamish to the fact that they kill garment with bows and Arrows, as that is what survivalists do to survive and at least they are playing fair and not using guns. But they are “killing” each other. It is all war-games now, or it seems the emphasis has gotten very much into that kind of Hunger Games. I don’t know, both Nik and I have mixed feelings. Nik says its “macho” there and Naim said it was too violent for him and the teachers were bossy. He also said the other kids don’t listen and were fighting in the back of the bus.  I’m going to let them finish the week and see what we think, whether we will be going back to trackers or not. Here is from the website about the camp they are doing now:

Where do spy’s go to learn the secrets of espionage and intrigue: Trackers Secret Agent Academy. The clock is ticking, we only have so long to save the world from the evil clutches of the Lutras Enterprises and it maniacal leader, Dr Dice. But be careful, nothing is ever what it seems and adventure is always around the corner.

In this training camp you practice martial arts, solve riddles and codes, learn about languages and master the art of disguise. The list of skills required by a Trackers Earth Agent is long. We take your through each one, building your confidence and competency in preparation for your first field assignment. When your ready, you will meet with Captain Jack, your intrepid leader. From there you embark upon your mission.