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June 20, 2012

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 3 of DER
  • Aaron read “Circus Under the Sea” and did activities in the back. He seemed to do better when he had Naim as an audience. Hmmm. He might be one of those kids who likes to read to the dogs. “SUUUULLLLYYYY!”
  • Math, finished constructive responses in Practice book and did Chapter 5 review in Practice.
  • Aaron-Sylvan Sight Words 2pp. HOP Lesson 14 worksheets. (Found out they print much better with Apple Preview instead of Acrobat. Helps so much with the reading of the mini books.)
  • Naim-The Sylvan book we were working on suddenly got really hard, really fast. I thought for a minute that I got the books in the wrong order. I had the next book waiting, and looking at it-it is a tossup. The first halves are much easier than the second halves. So, I decided to go to the first half of the other book. Then we will go back to this book. So we did two pages of thet, which was words on seasons. HOP was review of the third unit, with online video game spelling words. He picked one of the books he previously read to read, “Tag” and he did a really good job reading it.
  • Sentence School was (I sip. I tip.)
  • HWT was k
  • Watched Brainpop about the summer solstice.
  • After Avery’s nap, we all walked to 53rd Street and played at the park and in the fountain. That’s probably about 3K to walk there and back, and then the playing in between.
The thing about homeschooling is that we get all that done (except for the park) in two hours. That pretty much takes, oh, we’ll say not counting lunch and “specials”, 4 to 5 hours in public school.

I’m going to start marking down chores that get done. They are ADLs so to speak, and then I can make sure that both kids are doing an even amount.

Naim put away laundry, helped Nik with cleaning downstairs and kitchen.

Aaron helped me with midday kitchen and picked up his room.

Avery’s Goddard notes here.

Avery at Goddard was uneventful, but we have been doing a lot of signs. On the walk home, he was pointing to cars. I pointed to a tree and asked him what it was and at first he looked like he pointed to the sky. But then he signed tree. He did it three more times. He has also been voluntarily giving me the signing time flashcards and gaving me go through them with him. He knows a lot of signs with a little prompting. He is also saying a few more words, beginning consonant sounds for down, car, etc. Choo Choo is coo coo, which is funny. He is watching signing time now before bed.

Naim did a video of us with the flashcards. If I get it off of Nik’s iPhone, I will post it.

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