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June 14-17, 2012

Thursday evening we went to a “Parent Appreciation Party” at Goddard. It was good and Avery and the kids had lots of fun. Nik and I managed to talk to one other new person and maybe two or three staff, which for us–that’s enough to be a victory. Avery seemed comfortable there and the kids had their life-long dream come true when they finally got to play in the Goddard playground. Something they have wanted to do every time we walked by there for the last seven years.

On Friday, I took Avery over and he actually seemed excited to go, but when I got there, I found out there was no school. I should have known this because I was given a hard copy list of days off at the beginning, but I guess, “there were signs.” But of course I didn’t see them. Talked to them about emailing me information in hard copy and signage. They agreed, yet to see whether they do it. If not, I guess I could go all Haben Girma on their ass. : )

I brought Avery back home and we went to get haircuts and shoes instead. Avery was a holy terror for his haircut so I’m going to stop taking him for at least a year and do them at home. I could do a better job (I think) than they can do. It is not worth paying for him to not really get a haircut.

Naim’s haircut. He decided to cut off the curls in the morning. I asked him again when he got there and he said yes. Afterwards he said, “I am so impressed with my hair!” I think he likes the coolness of it on a hot day.

Saturday we were going to go to the Swedish Midsummer Festival at Oaks Park, but I lost my travel mojo that day. It would have taken an hour and a half on bus and train, and then we still would have had to walk about a mile in a place neither of us have been before. I will conquer Oaks Park someday, but not this day. Instead we went to a landscaping/nursery store for two things. First was the kids wanted to ask about fruit trees and find out info about them. How much are they, were can they grow, how long until they bear fruit, how much fruit. And then I wanted to talk to them about doing some yard maintenance for us, resodding, tree trimming and dead plant removal.

We got there (no small feat because it is on godawful TV highway so we have to walk in the busy street (bike lane, but still.) Anyway, they were so rude to us that the whole trip was a wash. We were not taken seriously, they were too nervous about us walking around and they were too uncomfortable with us to answer our questions. They were not into helping the kids with their questions. ┬áSo, a four hour trip for nothing. (Well, we did get some ice cream.) But I’ve moved on from them and think I’m going to have a guy come out to the house and give us an estimate on work, and I will see if he could talk to the kids about fruit trees. If not, we will go to the ‘net. I just thought it would be neat for them to see a real nursery. But this shit happens…and they lost my business. I have a few hundred dollars set aside for yard fix in’ too. Sometimes a homeschooling lesson on fruit trees ends up being another homeschooling lesson on oppression, and moving on without letting it bother you.

Naim had his sleepover at D’s finally, and Aaron is over there this afternoon. Nik and I worked on fixing the bikes, but the damage my dad did is worse than we thought on the one. I am going to take them to a bike repair shop to get an estimate and see if it is worth fixing. The other is salvageable. My dad broke a big wheel and the bikes. I probably have $350 to $400 invested in that kind of stuff. Have to decide whether to get new big wheels (which they really like) or maybe just end up getting one new bike. Depends on repair costs, I guess.