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June 18, 2012

Starting to work on their pyramid excavation.

Scanner back in business!

So here is Avery’s Goddard Notes.

Today is the start of their summer program. I asked her what the difference was and she said, “not much” but that they have more people come in to visit, like on Friday they are having someone bring in animals. Also, they get a T-shirt. OK. So, I did notice that it looked like she laminated Avery’s word cards into a sort of poster. I didn’t see them until the last minute and wasn’t 100% sure, so didn’t ask about it because already on the way out. She just put them all on one sheet, which is ok, I wanted her to do what was easiest, and didn’t know if it would be to separate them around the room or put them all together. He doesn’t do well with pictures if they aren’t on the iPad, so I don’t know how useful they will be, but at least she has something he is semi familiar with. She said he is starting to say words to her like “hi” and Yeah. He is starting to say more words or partial words at home, too. “duh” for down, things like that. He also brought me some Signing Time flashcards and wanted me to go through them. He did “shoes, hat, car” simultaneously, and coat! And then copied me a bit with many of the others. This is the first time I have seen this. Spontaneous signing without a modeled antecedent first.

Big kids:

  • Naim watched Lesson 2 of Discoveries in Early Reading
  • Aaron read book 12 “Circus Under the Sea” in Usborne. Went over the word bank words.
  • Calvert Math: Lesson 5.9 which had to do with constructive sentences (explaining your answer in writing, basically.) And reviewed terms from geometry and did extra practice pages. We did not get to the practice book today. So, I think we can do that and one review next time, and then Friday will be the final Review and test for Chapter 5. (I noticed in Calvert’s new catalog, they are going with Houghton Mifflin’s Math in Focus, which is their version of Singapore Math, while keeping the ala carte math with Calvert. I wonder if I will have to stay with Calvert or change over. I’m not sure which is good or bad. Singapore Math never seemed all that different to me, but I haven’t seen the HM titles.)
  • Aaron-Sylvan reading 2 pp. HOP Lesson 14, qu- words. DVD and book lesson.
  • Naim-Sylvan 2 pp. (They jumped to reading short sentences there, all of the sudden!) HOP Lesson 13 -in words worksheets.
  • Sentence School, “I hop. I wave.” I wrote them myself today, And will do that for a bit, but soon, they will be taking over sentence writing.
  • HWT was l, easy peasy.
  • After getting Avery, we went outside and played games with the small hoops we have. We would “wheel” them down the driveway and then run after them and try to catch them before they fell. After one, we graduated to two at t time. Didn’t get too much passed that. I may look into this free curriculum of PE ideas I have to make it more structured. I like the free for all, but sometimes it is productive and sometimes not so much. Today was not bad.
  • Little Passports, got the kit from Egypt, did the activities, found on a map, they had to “excavate” an archeological treasure from these little pyramids made of plaster. Naim got a little queen head bust, and Aaron…I’m not sure yet, he is still working on his.
  • We continue to watch our mold and fill out the observation chart. We have 6 more days. I will be happy when it ends. It stinks.

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