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May 21, 2012

Avery started crying the second I called for him to come down to leave for school. He was ok when we walked there, then cried when we got there, then stopped fairly soon after (I stay out in the hallway until he stops.)  When I went to pick him up, she seemed all happy with how he did and that he played with the other kids. He had a few check marks on the report. Do they read this blog and act accordingly? Hmmm. Well, I’m on two tracks. One is working on hiring someone new (have a possible person already.) And the other is to keep him there. We have conferences on Fri, even if a bit early, I’m curious to see how that goes.

Big kids:

  • Read “Late Night at the Zoo” and did worksheets.
  • Made designs with the Montessori geometric shape stencils and did 5.2 and 5.3 in book. More plane polygons. Did not get to the practice book today because we spent a lot of time with the montessori stuff, including looking up the names of shapes on the internet. (ellipse vs. oval and circlinear triangles, etc.)
  • Sylvan, Aaron finished color words and finished the whole K spelling box finally. Naim did short e words.
  • HOP, Naim did the DVD and reading of his lesson 12 -im words. Aaron did same in HIS lesson 12 cr- and pr- words.  We listened to some of the HOP songs about short a and e. Also listened to HWT “Magic C rap’ at Aaron’s request.
  • Word Time was TUNE and MUSIC
  • HWT was a
  • Got Little Passports FRANCE mail and went through it, looked at map of France, etc.

Have started working with Avery on iPad and talking cards. he is interested and with prompting and modeling, will select “apple” to get apple, etc.  I have high hopes for this since he seems to get it and is motivated by the iPad. I emailed Kathy about it, so we shall see.

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