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May 11, 2012


  • Off to Goddard. He grabbed on to me the second I got there and was crying when I left. Very sad. I do not want to do this every time, so hopefully he will relax a bit about me going.
  • Talked to them about diapers, they said they are required to change every two hours, but can skip two. so They did that.
  • What the “report” says: Read Little Miss Spider, matched shapes to names, play dough, danced, hopped like grasshopper, watered garden, cover mouth when coughing, mandarin CD rom. The participation box for Avery was not checked for anything…so who knows. It says he enjoyed coloring. He did scribble a small art project thing for “mothers day.”
  • Mixed feelings, but I really like the rhythm of the day with big kids when he is there. It allows me to get so much done. I’ll give it a bit longer and see if there is improvement.
  • He has seemed a bit more aggressive since he started going there, especially when he just gets home. We had some outside in the backyard time when he got home which seemed to relax him. I can’t yet say it has anything to do with Goddard, yet, though.

Big Kids:

  • Read Usborne Book 9: Run, Rabbit, Run for second time and did activities in back of book.
  • Working out of the Moonjar curriculum, we read “Noom and Raj Start a Business” about kids who set up a lemonade stand and budget and see how much they need to make and sell for. We talked about starting our own business and they want to grow and sell fruit like watermelon and peaches. I told them we could go to a nursery and see what is involved in growing peach trees and watermelon vines, vs. buying in bulk and reselling. I found a small nursery on TV highway, so maybe that can be next week field trip. We gathered up the probably costs of a fruit/lemonade stand and did some research online to check costs of napkins, cups, etc.
  • Sylvan…Naim did 4 pgs. of ending sounds. Aaron did two pages of sight words. (Big, Little, Pretty, Long…I can’t remember what else.) Aaron did ten spelling words and is near the end of the box.
  • Aaron did the worksheet pages for Lesson 10, gr- and pl- words in HOP.
  • Naim reviewed -ip words in the flip book, did the corresponding pages in the bonus workbook and re-read the story Kit and Pip in HOP.
  • Word Time: SPORTS and BASEBALL
  • HWT: lower-case v.
  • Played outside in backyard water table with Avery.
  • Magic Schoolbus Magnetic experiment where we made a compass and used it to get out of a pretend forest.
  • Watched BrainPop on Nanotechnology.

Want to get Magic Schoolbus books and videos to go along with lessons, but don’t want to pay for them, so need to remember to check out at library. We now have time to do an afternoon activity while Avery is napping, so hope to expand more into science, social studies and special projects.

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