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Downtown Sunday 7: Riverwalk

Avery playing in his classroom at church with big kids when I brought them early for choir but there was not any choir that day.

I got all nostalgic seeing this castle, which I think might still be in my parent’s basement.

Church was a teacher vacation day so kids did not have choir. Then they went to see their teacher anyway (Andy) put on a puppet show called Hep Cats and [something] Dogs. They also played out in the courtyard labyrinth. After, we walked down by the river and they chased pigeons and we saw the Portland Spirit riverboat dock. We also found the Maritime Museum, so they want to go to that sometime.

On the way back, we were up close to Burnside and Aaron accidentally tipped this shallow box that this homeless guy had his busk money in. I didn’t see it, or it was sort of in my periphery awareness and I didn’t know exactly what happened. But the guy screamed at Aaron for not apologizing. Aaron froze up and I know nothing useful was going to come out of him. So I went back to the guy and apologized and offered to help him pick up his money. He didn’t want me to do that. So I gave him a couple of bucks and we moved on. Then we had a discussion about street smarts and how to be polite yet have boundaries when talking to people on the streets. Always look them in the eye, always be extremely respectful but very straight forward and direct with what you are willing to do and not do. Be friendly at first, but if things start to feel weird then to move on, etc. I don’t think Aaron did it on purpose, but we talked about how these guys don’t have very much and are very protective of what they have. So even though it looks like an old box to you, it may be very important to them and you have to respect that. I think it went ok. But I need to get Aaron out of freezing up when stuff like this happens. You can’t do that. You have to project confidence.

The week before, we stopped at a coffee shop in Goose Hollow because we were scouting out a house around the corner. A client of Nik’s owns both houses side by side, and wants to rent out one house…to us…really badly…for not very much rent (when looking at location.) The location is fantastically great. People like us could never on our own afford to live that close to downtown. The transit and walkability options are mind-boggling. Ten minutes from Nik’s work, minutes from church, NWCT, Zoo, OMSI, children’s museum and a million other things. A block from the max. And it is a HOUSE! With a yard! Not a tiny apartment in a tower like most downtown housing. They want to rent to a dependable family who is going to pay the rent with little fuss and who will stay a long time. She has been working on Nik for weeks. She has been out of town for the last couple weeks (which is why we went to spy on it). But I think next week we are going to see the inside.

The downsides of course are that it is a smaller house than this one (albeit does have a basement.) And it is a very old house (1890’s) which makes me a bit nervous. Right now, there is a vacant block across the street, but who knows what high rise will happen there. But there is no park or playground nearby (but could take a bus or max to Washington park.) Also don’t know about things like dishwasher, washer/dryer, other modern conveniences. This is an older couple, so the other thing to consider is what happens when they die? We get the boot and then we are back to square one with the whole rental/buy thing and no house for back up. It is also not accessible for Dwight. So, I don’t know. But for Nik it is like going home to Roncesville. But I said I would go look at it so we will see.

This is an older picture of it, before some work being done on it had finished. It's very cute, and very old and tiny.....

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