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    March 2012
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Got this off the website. Spring Break Camp. Thank Goodness for Naim's hair, otherwise you'd never find him.

Naim did a soccer camp out of Hillsboro Soccer Club from March 27th to the 30th. We had tried to organize this last year, but HSC was so disorganized that they lost our registration and we didn’t know that they needed a bunch of equipment until the last minute and so it didn’t work out. This time, we knew what was ahead.  I got him shin guards and a ball, but did not get him shoes yet.

It was so unbelievably rainy and cold and I had the flu. The idea was that we would walk up there and Aaron, Avery and I would hang out at the park and stuff. But I was too sick and it was too cold and wet. So I ended up going back and forth, walking about 4 miles a day, which fucking about killed me with the flu when every step felt dizzy. I wanted to be able to watch him more than I did, but I barely saw any of it. It was just a victory each day to get him there and back. I have no pictures.

But Naim seemed to like it a lot and do ok. He complained about not having the shoes, and he complained about kids being hard to talk to and about losing their game on the last day. But he also said that he really, really likes soccer. He wants to do more. I think that one more summer camp to help get him caught up, and then a team in the fall. With the team, I think it will be easier for him to get to know kids. It is 99% public school kids, who are always more aggressive…but he will have to learn to deal with that. Unless suddenly there is a village home team.

Aaron likes to kick the ball around but absolutely doesn’t want to do soccer. Avery very, very much does want to do soccer. He so wanted to go out with the other kids. He does well kicking the ball around. I was constantly grabbing him because he has no reservations about joining the 12 year old’s game.

HSC people said they can help me with shoes and equipment because they have an equipment exchange, and that we could sign up as if we went to Orenco School, to keep practices there.

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