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VH Week 6: Thursday

Kids did their valentines in Discoverers. Aaron passed out his by himself and Naim had help from Bobbi, but all seemed to go OK without me. I did not hear much about classes. Joyce came and said Aaron did well, but he wasn’t getting his bionicle until the end of term, which made Aaron go into a heaping fit. At the same time, Joyce was trying to give me pants that her son had grown out of, I’m trying to get Naim to help me pick up the playroom as I was on community duty, Avery and Zohara are fighting over a Thomas train, then Avery takes off. So, I had to leave Aaron in a heap on the floor and get Naim to help me search for Avery, wherein Naim yells, “We LOST our BABY!” and then five moms went into action and Avery was soon found down the hall. But typical VH.

Forgot to get tickets for the Auction party. Need to remember next week before prices go up.

Avery and I went to Costco to get my 24 Hour Fitness membership voucher, and then went to 24 Hour Fitness to do all the paperwork with JOEY, who did honor my child care deal that he promised on Tuesday. So, essentially, I am paying $23 a month for myself plus childcare for Avery. At HFAC I was paying around $150 for same. Also, I can go to any “Sport” location, so I can go to the one near NWCT when Naim has classes there and even downtown after church (though I would have to pay an additional $4 each for Big Kid child care there.) Avery and I walked around the child care room for a few minutes. He seemed OK. But was happy to leave as well, so we will see how it goes.

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