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Tuesday VH, Pumpkins and Apples


Avery slept a good part of the morning. He went with me to D’s for a bit. D had a little app on his iPod that had a picture of me and some other shapes and stuff. Whenever Avery would tap on it, something would appear and for the picture of me he had it say “mama.” Avery liked to make that one appear and did seem to say mama perhaps once. He also watched Play with Me Sesame over there, then Nik got him and took him home to nap while I worked the rest of the afternoon.

Aaron and Naim went to VH where they are filming a documentary called “Class Dismissed.” Nik saw the camera crews and they said they were filmed several times, so we shall see if anything comes of it or if the kids end up in a movie.

I did not hear a lot about their classes today. Doesn’t look like the class blogs have been updated yet. Maybe all of the excitement from the camera crew?

Kids carved pumpkins with Grampa Fred. That seemed to go ok (I was not here.) Aaron decided he didn’t like his, not sure why. It doesn’t light up as well as Naim’s because I think the holes aren’t big enough. Avery did not get to paint his yet.

Kid’s went to dinner at Noodles with Fred. After, we FINALLY did the apple pie activity from Avery’s Buttercup curriculum. We have never had enough apples at one time before. Basically, it was just making applesauce and putting them in little pie pans and putting whipped cream on top. Avery did get into smashing the apples and did enjoy being a part of it and eating it. We still have apple sauce for tomorrow.

Don't know what this is...from Lego class

Making pie with Avery's applesauce

Good pie.

More apple mashing

Naim's Pumpkin

Fred always gets this job.


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