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July 9, 2013

Oh, my GOODNESS!! Satanic School may not be Satanic School anymore. At least for the summer. I had asked for more communication, a newsletter, a schedule , an email, anything from them. And I got all three! This is a different teacher, so it begs the question…is this what she always does or are they going off my suggestion? (Which would be good, yet sad. I certainly hope it isn’t a “Oh! I never thought of that before!” moment.) Anyway, who cares! Communication!

So I got these things in Avery’s backpack.

And I got this email from the teacher:

It is a pleasure to work with Avery in the classroom setting. He did a nice job with: transition to a new classroom. The bus was rather hot and the first thing I gave him was some water to drink  for cool down his body. He then noticed the toys and other children playing. We have similar routines as Patty’s class with arrival ( backpack/jacket and signing in). I showed him our schedule so he would have a place to go for reference.  He followed the routines using his peers as resource. He seemed to enjoy the circle time activities today. He did sit a short time for art ( glue and tissue paper starfish). He came over when I called him for a turn to make painted fish.  He played outside- chase with another peer), ate a short snack,and seemed very happy to go home on the bus.

He is a delightful little boy.
Feel free to email me!

It is kind of like, Oh! You aren’t seeing my kid as a Very Serious Problem! You see him as a real kid…who is delightful! Gee, what a concept. So, I am hopeful there and also want to know if I can have her for the school year, too.

Big kids:

  • We did some of the enrichment stuff for MIF Ch. 13. We did not have time to do it all, but I am going to close the book on this chapter finally.
  • Aaron did 2pp. Sylvan
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP
  • Aaron did 2pp. HWT.
  • Naim saw Erika. He would have done more schoolwork after, but I had to take off and go to a meeting with OCB and the Avita people, and I had to drag them with me, so it kind of wasted the afternoon.

I think they played with computers at OCB and then we went to “Smelly, Scary Park” which I like but that is what it was called on FourSquare so that is what we call it. And then we used a chinook book coupon to go out and eat at Old Wives Tales.

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