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January 22, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He brought home a snowman with shredded paper.

School was cut short due to Naim’s psychologist visit. I am going to have to play around with that day and see what will work best. The psych visit was mostly assessment. She asked him a lot of questions and had him draw a couple of pictures. He seemed disturbed by an answer he gave about manners. And he drew a picture of all of us “plopping.” on the bed, which we are known to do. He seemed OK with it.

So, what school we did get done:

  • We did the enrichment stuff in MIF. It was actually pretty hard. It had algebraic equations and everything! I did one of them wrong. It was if the weight of A + B = 18, and A – B = 8, then what is the weight of A and B? I got down to 8 and 10, because I was thinking that they were saying that A = 8. But it was more of a differential equation, and the answer was 13 and 5. (13 + 5 = 18, 13 – 5 = 8.) Which is hard for 1st grade math, so my brain didn’t even go there. Anyway, the enrichment book is hard!
  • Aaron did Sylvan Spelling words and 2pp. in spelling book.
  • Aaron did Lesson 1 of Level 1 of second grade HOP.
  • Aaron did letter a in HWT.

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