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October 15, 2012

Avery’s Freely. Am I going to get to Avery’s Buttercups today? If you are reading this, the answer must be no.

Jean came to see Avery at Goddard today. What she said:

I saw Avery in class this morning and spoke with his teacher about what she saw as his biggest communication needs in class at this time.  She will take pictures of the different center areas, the tractor and bikes outside and of the bathroom.  She will also take a picture of him when he is happy and when he is upset to see if we can help him identify what he is feeling so he can better tell them or show them what is upsetting him.  I have explained to her how we would use the pictures but she is going to let me know when they are ready and I will go and model how to use them in class.  He was very quiet today.  He followed the routine directions very well.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 25 in DER
  • Both did Lesson 8.10 in Calvert Math. Skip counting by 2. It took forever and I think I will have them work more with the hundreds board on this. We are wrapping up this chapter in Calvert and then will make the switch.
  • Both did 2 pp. of respective Sylvan books. Aaron is done with his. I have ordered him the 2nd grade language arts book but it hasn’t come yet. He gets a day or two off from Sylvan, then.
  • Naim did Bonus book for HOP lesson 2 and reread story.
  • Aaron did book and DVD for Lesson 8 in HOP. Almost time to order 2nd Grade for him.
  • Both did #4 in HWT. Naim does ok, actually with numbers in handwriting. He just doesn’t seem to transfer to other subjects.
  • Did first chapter of Maps, Globes and Graphs (Level A) It is too easy for them but it does a nice intro and transition to cardinal directions on a map and in real life, so I think we can burn through it quickly.
  • Did Experiment 3 in Magic Schoolbus solar system

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