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October 14, 2012

Aaron, Avery and I went to church today. Naim snd Nik stayed home because Naim was sick with an awful sounding voice and cough/sore throat. Nik just needed to rest, I think.

Avery is doing very well in his classroom. He likes it there and is comfortable. The other kids did a craft, but it sounds like Avery did not participate. He always voluntarily puts his toys away, though.

Aaron (and Naim’s) class lit the chalice in the big sanctuary today. Naim would have totally liked it, but Aaron got “stage fright” he said. He did very well at reciting the little saying they do when they light it, though. (We are Unitarian Universalists. We light this chalice in hope, faith and love.)  His class made a collage of animals and played an animal beanie baby game of some type.

I stayed in the big sanctuary for it. I hate the big sanctuary. I can’t hear, it feels claustrophobic and stuffy to me, and it makes me feel even more disabled to be there. But I can suffer every once in a while.

Aaron looking at a chalice carving while we wait for his classmates in the Narthex.

The one picture I snuck. This is the only place I ever have been able to sit. The FM reception is horrible, all I hear is static. There is a delay/echo as well so I have to shut off my other hearing aid or I hear both muffled so can’t understand either. That means I don’t hear anything else, either. Then it is just feels so closed in and I can’t see for shit here. I have tried to sit down in the middle but no go. There are never seats.


Here is a crop of that picture with a close up of Aaron. This was the only way I was able to see him. You can see a bit of “stage fright.”

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