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September 30, 2012

Church RE today.

Can’t tell you what they did. We had an interesting discussion on Friday with Avery’s teacher about the need for curriculum in that “class” which is really just childcare. Both his teacher and I think there is no need for RELIGIOUS EDUCATION curriculum for 2 year olds. The early teacher does, I guess. I think it is better to just play and color and read stories and sing songs and then deal with UU principles when they come up, which at that level is just basic stuff like sharing, being kind to each other, communicating what you want to say, etc. Which, as a teacher, actually takes more skill (especially in the upper grade levels) than just following a set curriculum.

Aaron is having no additional troubles, says the teacher. They did something where they drew animals.

Not sure what Naim did, but he seems comfortable in the class. I came in with Aaron in the last few minutes and we sang/circled some kind of peace be with you song.

After we had celebratory cupcakes at St. Cupcake. It was for our War Against Chaos!!! which is still going on, but yesterday we won a battle of cleaning their room.

Cupcake Party!

September 28, 2012

Avery’s Freely.

Big kids and I went to the pediatrician. First of all, unless it is me going to the gynocologish or dentist or something that it would be absolutely awful to have Avery around for, I am going to stop using Goddard/School time for appointments. It is a bad habit that cuts too many days out for. But we had this one…so.

All seems well. Naim is in the 75th percentile on height (51.5 inches) and the 50th on weight (54 lbs.) Aaron is in the 25th percentile on height (50 inches) and 50th on weight (56 lbs.)

Aaron was obnoxious He interrupted, talked too much. Then spaced her off when she asked him direct questions, whined about the flu vaccine (which was nose spray so please.) Then had a fit when he got the nose spray so she had to do it twice. Naim was fine and polite and helpful. The only thing he did was say that he liked nothing about school and he sat around trying to think of things to do all the time. No, I don’t fill every single minute of his life like he wants me to. But I have him in VH classes two days a week, soccer three days a week, RE one day a week, daddy’s house two days a week, homeschool three days a week, etc. So I don’t think he is suffering too much from boredom. Keeping Naim as busy as he wants to be kept is about killing me. If he had his choice, he would take 3 more drama classes and be on another sports team.

She does think Naim needs to go back to speech. She is probably right. I am working on the ramifications of that one (budget/insurance issues.)

That evening we went to a Church RE potluck. Aaron and Avery played out on the patio with the other kids where they had games and stuff, and Naim stayed with us and intermittently went out to play.

September 27, 2012

Avery’s Freely Report.

Big Kids:

  • Aaron read Usborne Phonics Reader “Frog on a Log.”
  • Naim did Lesson 21 of DER. reviewed workbook and did a color book (color words) that we did not finish last time.
  • Aaron did a memory game from Sylvan that we skipped before.
  • Calvert Math 8.5 and 8.6: Rounding to the nearest 10 and Logic problems.
  • Sylvan: Aaron did 4 pp. transportation words. Naim did two pages of animal words.
  • Aaron did Lesson 6 of HOP 1st 2, DVD and workbook
  • Naim did Lesson 1 of HOP k 2, DVD and workbook
  • Sentence School was Paper is weak. Wood is strong.
  • HWT was the number 1 on magnet board and workbook
  • Little Passports activities for South Africa
  • Naim had soccer practice. Aaron and Avery played with other sibs.

September 26, 2012

Avery and I worked on Buttercups curriculum, which we are trying to do more of this year since last year it was just too beyond him. We are working each unit as a decorating a bulletin board project. The current themes are Apples, Fall Leaves, and Nighttime. This three month theme is a bit truncated as we did try some of the activities last year before we sort of put it away for next year.

Today we talked about leaves, sang a song about leaves, did a pattern/grouping activity with different kinds of leaves and did an art project. We used the signs for leaves, tree, orange, and red. I’m not sure where and when we will stick this in, I’m thinking after his nap and before dinner we will take 30 or so minutes to spend time on Buttercups.

The art project was gluing tissue paper leaves on paper and then brushing them with a glitter solution using a paintbrush.

September 25, 2012

VH Day.

Avery and I played for an hour, then went to the library for story time where the theme was frogs and counting. He made a frog picture and we read a book about trains after. Had lunch and then time to get big kids. Did not have much outside time.

Naim had math playground and drama and drama. The Westward Expansion Play looks a bit intricate. He plays Daniel Boone and the script is thick! Though it does include song lyrics. He is supposed to be listening to the songs (on CD) and practicing lines now that we have them.

Aaron made a “leonardo” bridge with his class in engineering outside. It looked kind of cool in the handout instructions. I wish I would have gotten to see it finished. He had legos with Stockton now, so that made him happy. Then he got kicked out of art class, for having a meltdown. Which pissed me off. I’m not mad at the teacher, and to an extent I’m not even mad at him. OK, I’m a little mad at him. But now I have to fill that time for him from 12-1, which sort of screws up my Avery schedule and when is that kid going to grow up?

I’m honestly looking into Village Free School for him for one or two days a week instead of VH. Nik would have to take him probably. It is about ten minutes from his work. It is tuition based, but I would have to see how it compares to VH. I’m just sick of fighting him on the free spirit thing. It is only going to get more structured and demanding at VH. I don’t know if Village Free School is right for him or not, but think it might be worth checking out. It won’t be for this year, maybe next year, or maybe when he is old enough that he could go to work with Nik and then take the last ten minute bus ride himself. I don’t know. He has oodles of talent and brains, but can’t seem to get it together for classes and I’m sick of this constant problem where all the teachers want to kick him out because he meltsdown at the slightest provocation or challenge.

I might see when their next open house is and just start investigating. We so need to live closer in.

Also, Naim had soccer practice.

September 24, 2012

Avery’s Freely.

Not much else to report, I went over with Susannah to D’s to train her, but Bob took over. Not that I care, but I could have gotten a couple of hours of schoolwork done had I known. Hover away, Bob!

Then had to go to the dentist. It is good to get all these doctor appointments done, but it is taking away from a lot of school time. One thing is that people (including myself, of course) need to have more respect for the work I do and my and the kids “school time.” People act like they can just intervene on my schedule because I’m not “doing anything” all day. It is the kids that lose out, and it is me who is rushing around trying to please everyone. I’m going to get better about being hard-ass about that time. Appointments are going to have to be made in the afternoon and I am not doing shit for Dwight in that time.

In the evening, I had to go do community duty at VH and provide childcare for the annual parent meeting. Nik went to the meeting and I and another mother took care of about ten kids. It gets one of my Comm Duty points earned. But it made for a very late night for all of us.

September 22, 2012

Naim had his soccer game this morning. They lost. 6-1. He grieved over it a little, but seemed ok with it. He is getting better and less nervous about games.

They went to a birthday party for Seth and Wyatt. Nik took them to both because I am having health problems for the last 8 days. Felt guilty but my body was not having it. Party went well, Aaron brought home one of those bead things that you cook with an iron and melt and he made a butterfly. I overcooked it a bit. I had them pick out their own birthday presents at the train store and wrap them themselves. Naim was happy that his train puzzle for Wyatt went over well, I didn’t hear much about Aaron’s playmobile for Seth.

I think that Avery is in such a desperate need for clothes, I need to do that tomorrow and since I made Nik do the whole day today, I don’t feel like I can ask for church tomorrow. So we shall skip, I think. Trying to get all these doctor appointments and stuff DONE so we can get back to routine. This week is more doctor appointments.