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Had Jean, her co-worker whose name I forget, and Danielle over for Avery’s IFSP meeting. Jean is getting more and more tolerable and even helpful. Danielle was fine as usual and Avery was happy to see her as we have not had head start for a month or so.

Avery was a little performer and signed “more” “book”, “water” and also requested a truck via a picture. He was engaging and fun. I was almost like, don’t be too good, Avery or you will get kicked off! But no fear, because even at Avery’s best, he is still quite at a developmental delay. So, services are in no danger of being cut, but there have been a lot of improvements.

The basic gist of that meeting is that he is going to get 5 visits from Jean at Goddard from Sept. to Dec. He will still continue to get 1x/wk. Speech Path through Kathy and Kathy will have to do a re-eval before his IFSP meeting in December (in which he will switch from IE to ECE and possibly the preschool component.) I need to reset the Kathy appointments. My schedule for all these kids is ridiculous. Head Start pretty much remains on a don’t ask/don’t tell dealio as I think now we have earned our way out of the financial criteria but don’t have to reapply until Avery’s next school year.

VH schedule came out for next year. Still in Schedule hell. Discoverers changed to Wed, which is a conflict with Goddard, and am thinking that they will only go one day this year, but it can be a longer day. So it will probably be Tuesday? Still working that out. Also (reminding myself) I have to actually inform the ESD that we are homeschooling before Sept. 1 via the homeschooling laws require that in the year they are seven on Sept. 1.

Here is what I need to Schedule for fall:


At least three days of at-home school (3-4 hours)
Soccer two practices and one game a week!
VH time (one full day or two half days)
Fieldtrip Day/OMSI lab day
Dad time


Same minus soccer. And it isn’t going to happen by fall, but I wish I could find that kid a hobby. Art? Musical instrument? It isn’t going to be sports.


Goddard School (4 hours three days a week)
Head Start (hour and a half, one day a week)
Speech Path at Goddard (will coincide)
Speech path with Kathy (one hour one day a week.)
Fieldtrip day (so the other kids can have field trip day, he needs to be clear to come with us.)

Not counting the usual stuff like cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry and getting stuff done. If I could get Avery to let go of his afternoon naps, it would free up so much time. But on the downside, It would remove time from the other kids, too. Mixed bag.

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