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July 18, 2012

Avery’s Freely Report.

Avery fell asleep at school today, so maybe still getting over his illness, but he is eating fine, now.

Big Kids:

  • Sentence School: Bears sleep. Bears hibernate. We started journals so they are now writing the sentences. also practiced HWT letter -m- on chalkboards, in the notebooks and in workbooks. I don’t think the workbooks allow for enough practice, so I think we will do a few rows in the notebooks.
  • Sylvan, Aaron did 2 pp. Naim did 4.
  • Math, finished last lesson in practice book, and did all the “extra” stuff in the book for the chapter. Next time will be the chapter and cumulative tests. End of Ch. 6.
  • We checked on our bacteria experiments.
  • Aaron read two books from HOP to all of us, Naim provided video descriptions of pictures to Nik. That is the end of HOP Green book, V.1 for Aaron. and they got two more “stars” in the library reading program.

Naim’s eye pain magically went away once I called the eye doctor this morning. I had an emergency appointment for this afternoon, then he was acting so cagey about it I canceled, but decided to just do checkups for them both, which won’t happen till September now. Also made appointments for physical. Since we were planning to go do that, the kids wanted to go somewhere, so we went to Beaverton and restocked paints and stuff at Learning Palace, then met Nik and went to a restaurant to eat. Working on Aaron not having to talk the waitress’s ear off and just politely tell her his order without talking through everyone else. That got better, but he talked someone’s ear off all the way home on the max, but she seemed to be enjoying it, so it was fine. He needs to learn to take cues from people and the context and know when it is ok to tell someone about every bionicle you own and when you need to just shut up.

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