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June 27, 2012

Avery’s Goddard notes. I didn’t make it there, YET!!! It’s got to be Friday for sure. Ugh.

There didn’t seem to be any behavior problems at Trackers camp today, but that place just keeps getting weirder and weirder. First of all, it was Aaron who wanted me to come with them on Friday. I had Nik ask so I would see if I could bring Avery or put him in daycare for longer. They told him no way could I come along. This after all the stuff about “family'” on their website. I have never been NOT ALLOWED to come to any of my kids stuff. If anything, they want me to be there too much. Second, they would not tell Nik where they were going on Friday. It seemed rather secretive for the sake of being secretive. Third, the kids today said that they did not go outside all day because they told them it was too cold and rainy???? It was a beautiful, sunny day. Fourth, they said that they have to bring nerf guns tomorrow. We don’t have nerf guns and I am not going to buy nerf guns. What the hell? Now I am getting all this info through the kids, but it isn’t as though the camp is being very forthcoming. Fifth, they came home with blow guns and talked about nun chucks today. The weaponry focus is getting a bit ridiculous. I sent them there to enjoy the outdoors and learn outdoors skills. All they have done it seems, has been around weaponry. They did say they climbed an indoor rock wall, and that’s fine, but I just don’t get it, and without being allowed to tag along for a day or even an hour, I cannot even attempt to keep an open mind and see if they are justified in what they are doing. Also, I am hearing reports again about bossy teachers. Now some of this is because I’ve got homeschoolers who are not as used to procedure as PS kids, but some of this seems like bossiness for the sake of bossiness. They have 10 kids, ages 7-8 with two teachers. They have Oaks Bottom Wetlands right across the street, and they can’t walk ten kids over there safely themselves? They walk more kids around downtown Beaverton at VH without resorting to drill sear gent style bossiness. Something about having to touch a concrete wall when they are not doing something? That place is weird, and I feel like I signed my kids up to join some libertarian militia army recruit station. Tonight they wanted to quit, well, kind of half and half wanted to quit. But I think I will let them finish the week. But then I doubt we will be back to trackers. I feel bad because I really wanted to like them. But there is just too much little weird stuff stacked up. Not worth it for the long trip.

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