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June 26, 2012

Avery’s Goddard notes. He liked riding on the riding toy cars outside. I was supposed to go with Avery today, but still felt kind of sick, so will go tomorrow.

Trackers today: I got a call around noon about Aaron having behavioral problems and that the camp might not be a good fit for him. Crying when everything didn’t go his way. So, I  said I was not going to come and get him, (I would if he were injured or something, but this was ridiculous). I said that Nik would come and get him at the end of the day and they could talk about whether he was going to come back. I told Nik to negotiate out what Aaron needs to do to come back. If it seems reasonable and he wants to come back, he is going to have to agree to do it or he was done. So now, he has one more day to try tomorrow. Mixed feelings about this again. Aaron can be a whiney puke, but I have not seen anything ever that he has done that would constitute throwing him out of camp, so I don’t know if this was just an idle threat or if those trackers folks are just a bunch of weenies. But he did agree and we will see how it goes.

Yesterday it sounded like they went to a field in Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and played bow and arrow games. Today they said they climbed a volcano, (which I assume is Mt. Tabor.) and they played some kind of game with blindfolds which Naim said was easy. Also, they demonstrated some self-defense moves, which I had learned previously from John Johnson, they used the same method he did. Naim seems happier today altogether with camp. And the guy on the phone I talked to said Naim was doing great. They talked about throwing stars which weirds me out a little. Nik is going to see if I can hang out with them on Friday (and put Avery in Goddard all day if they will let me.) I just…I have to get a handle on this place I’m leaving my kids. Nik says they are all a bunch of libertarian Robin Hood wannabes. Kinda good and kinda maybe not. We both aren’t sure yet.

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