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June 6, 2012

Danielle from Head Start came, cutting again into my school time. Avery was at Goddard and Danielle didn’t get the message that we are taking the month off. So we did some paperwork and stuff.

Big kids:

  • Read Usborne First Readers Book “Wild School” and went over word bank words.
  • FINISHED WORD TIME! (prop crown) 295 words in a bit over a year, I think. Sentence School is next.
  • HWT letter u
  • Sylvan, Aaron finished Animal words and started the next lesson (4 pp. total) Naim did short u, which worked nice right after handwriting.
  • HOP, Aaron read the story he was supposed to read last time on the computer. Naim did the worksheets for Lesson 12 and we did some flashcard words.
  • Math, Did problem solving and cumulative review. Also worked with pattern blocks for Lesson 5.6. Continued to work on pattern blocks on their own. Made butterflies, beehives, “symbols” for trees, nature and the universe, and made “The Big Bang.”

Everyone went to the park for about 1/2 hour after picking Avery up. Kids have been playing with the big spaceship all afternoon. Wanted to get new science started today (Magic Schoolbus: Bacteria and Fungi) but had to put out too many administrative fires this afternoon. (Immigration, et al.)

Avery did excellent yet again at Goddard. My attitude has improved, so that is rubbing off on him, I guess. And I do the transition way better now. We spend time in the mornings together and about 10 minutes before, I start talking to him about Ms. Tracie and Ms. Kalaihia and all the fun things they are going to do today. Not a tear to be had. She said they did stuff with musical instruments and he did well with that. ETA: Avery was singing at the top of his lungs the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star tonight. This is the first time he has “sang” a song and it shows that he can organize the sounds that come out of his mouth, and can remember a string of sounds in his head. Little things like this just take you aback a bit. Goddard is growing on me!

Have these two pics of Avery’s classroom. They are from parent conferences so no kids and the room  isn’t set up exactly like how it is when there are kids. But for the record, this is his classroom.

The play area half. The door leads outside to the small kids playground. I think the other door is a closet. The teacher is the assistant, Ms. Kalaihia.

The eat/art table area half. Windows lead out to the hall of school and behind the sink wall is a small bathroom. It’s small, but its not that bad I guess.

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