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June 5, 2012

VH day. Last day for Tuesday classes. They got some kind of gift and went outside for part of it. They also got a book in bookworms. In Science Naim made a hydrogen balloon out of a zip loc bag, water and baking soda, I think. It sort of floated. They went to D’safterwards.

Avery and I stayed in playroom the first hour and he was very hug-y and wanted to sit on my lap with the big, gigantic dog and have me name body parts. He is pointing to everything now and wanting names. I hope that is a good sign for language to come. We went to Ava’s and then the library. At the library, he went running towards a Thomas the Tank Engine magazine. We sat in little chairs and read for a bit while he pointed to trains and wanted me to name them. It almost felt like having a regular two-year-old! I got him some train books and we looked at them together tonight.

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