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May 3, 2012

Village Home Day. Discoverers and Drama/Measure for Treasure. I know he had a sub for measure for treasure, and that they did the same game as last week which sounds like they played “store” and had to buy and sell stuff. I spent a little time in Discoverers but mostly kept Avery from causing chaos.

I was at Ava’s and just as I was about to leave Avery had some big horrible diarrhea explosion that was just dripping liquid down his pants. It was SO bad. I cleaned him up as best I could and I would have run him home but I had promised this other mom that I would watch her kids for the next hour. So I run back with my basically clean but stinky child, and I find these two six year olds that I’m supposed to take care of. Well somehow, I end up taking care of 4 six year olds. It would have been ok but I was so distracted trying to make sure Avery didn’t have a repeat explosion and to sort of try to keep him cordoned off a bit since he smelled so bad. The other kids were good kids, but they gradually ramped up to be more and more rambunctious. Looking back, I should have intervened, and don’t know why I didn’t. Partly (and this is dumb) I was taking cues from the other moms who didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. It was and it wasn’t. I thought it was borderline. If it were my kids I might have said something, but since it was kids I didn’t know very well, I just watched and let it go. Then class was over and I had to clean up the room (my Community Duty stuff, which is why I also had to stay there in the first place.)  So, I didn’t think too much of it. But this one mom was like, “you shouldn’t let them get so rowdy.” And I agreed with her and said, yes, I thought it was getting close to the line and I should have intervened. And she went off on how it was way over the line. I don’t mind the criticism but WHY, WHY, WHY when you agree with someone and say, yes, I should have done something, I will do better next time–do they still insist on going off on you for another five minutes? Just to really drill in the point that they are superior to you and they  think you are an idiot?

Some mom’s are really nice there but some are SUCH BITCHES. I cannot socialize with them because I can’t hear them. So I usually play with the kids and my iPad and stuff. So, I get why I’m not part of the clique and that is ok. It is hard to get to know someone who you struggle to socialize with and so I get why they aren’t my very best friends. But why can’t they at least be polite? I always try to be nice to them. When they come in the room, I always try to say hello. And some literally DON”T SAY HI BACK or even look up or acknowledge my existence. I do know it went drastically downhill when I married Nik. And many treated him the same way. And it is kind of like, if this is about Nik or disability or class or whatever…well, then fuck it anyway. Who wants to be friends with y’all? I will still be polite and friendly, but whatever. I do think there are nice people there, but some seem to pick up on the others snubbing and then kind of go along with it. As long as it doesn’t affect the kids, I don’t really care. But just some days it is really blatant.

Anyway, I made it through that awful hour and kids went to get soccer shoes with Fred and I took Avery home to clean him up. So it got better after that.

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