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Weekend Update


Avery and I did some of the Buttercups curriculum, including a “red sculpture” that was putting red things (festoon, candy wrapper, red crayon, red stamp) in a small red and white box. He got into the stamping a bit and colored a bit. Any time I have his attention for more than 2 seconds and he is manipulating things while I name them I feel is a success. It gets pretty hard to keep his attention sometimes. We also did a “more tickles” game on the bed, where he would have to indicate (through sign) that he wants more tickles. He is getting fairly good with the sign “more” around food, but he did not do it this time. However, any time I would  ask him, he would start to giggle and shrink up in anticipation of tickles, so he is obviously comprehending there. I am satisfied that his receptive is improving and I know that will have to come before expressive. Around food, though. We seem to have a fairly reliable “more” and “all done.” Also “yeah” is becoming fairly consistent. He was taken coke cans and building towers with them. I said, “Are you building towers?” and he gave me a clear “yeah.” This morning, he gave me his cup from breakfast and I asked him if he wanted more, he gave me a head nod. It is the first time I have seen that.

We also went to a circle supper at church which was supposed to be kid friendly. The idea was to make pizzas, which is a good idea, but it was a bit of a disorganized mad house. I don’t blame the planners, they tried their best, but it was just like going to a out of control birthday party where the kids had no party stuff to do. There were 36 people there, including kids. Three babies, including Avery, about 15 kids total. There were a group of older people that came (50+ with no kids) who pissed me off. They completely ignored everyone else and did nothing to help. As usual, I had to help 5 people get pizza stuff. I tried to make two pizzas at once and this woman came and bumped one of mine and it plopped on the floor. That was just an accident, but then afterwards, not only did they not help clean up, they would not move out of the way, they ignored me when I was on the floor trying to wipe up sauce, and then they all crowded in front of me in line when my other pizza was just sitting there on the table, abandoned. I could not believe how rude they were. Then they went and sat over in a corner by themselves and when Nik tried to talk to them, they blew him off. Why did they even bother to come? Anyway, lots of kids everywhere with little organization. I was about to shoot my brains out. After everyone got fed and settled, it got a lot better and the kids were playing happily with each other and parents had some time to talk. But then it was time for it to be over. Anyway, despite the craziness, it is good for the kids to work on their social skills and manners as far as going through a buffet line, cleaning up after themselves, waiting for everyone to start eating, etc. It is also good for Avery to move away from us and play with other kids. He didn’t at first, but got better near the end.

Today we did homeschool and then the kids went to D’s house.

  • Word Time (CAKE DESSERT)
  • Calvert Math Lesson 139-141. Dimes and penny, nickel, dime review. They do really good with this. They have little problem understanding money ad exchanging nickels for dimes, etc.
  • Aaron reading-Sylvan Review lessons 1-6. We took a stack of about 30 words and sorted them by rhyming. He did well with that. Also did worksheet pages for HOP Lesson 15.
  • Naim did Dd in Sylvan, did -an workbook pages in HOP supplemental.
  • Handwriting- did P on magnet board and P page in HWT.

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