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    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Perfect Attendance!

Naim the Cat, making a Cat Face

Last Day of Fall Quarter officially today and collectively, we have had perfect attendance at VH, NWCT, and Avery’s HD and EI. For us, running everyone all over town (and with no illnesses) that is a big accomplishment.

So today was Naim’s play at NWCT. It was Little Bear and the Mermaid, which was an adaptation of the Little Bear books. (Maurice Sendak) Naim was the cat, and although I think he suffered some burnout and did have some trouble with his lines, it went as well as could be expected and he was very happy with himself after the play.

Avery was being awful during it, so I was not able to video it. I barely got pictures. I do think that Avery had an affect on Naim forgetting some lines at the beginning of his scene. Avery had just squirmed his way off of me and Nik grabbed him and Avery started to cry right when Naim entered the play. Nik took Avery out as only Nik can do, which causes a disruption with the dog and everything. (I kept the dog, and Nik was closer to the door.) Aaron sat right up front with some other kids, so that was good. After Naim kind of settled down a bit and he did well after that. They did a really good job on make-up and costuming this time, so Naim thought that was really great. We went to Tropical Smoothie afterwords for lunch.

He says he wants to do another play, but we are going to sit winter classes out and see what he feels like in Spring or Summer.


Aaron at Starbuck's, telling me that if I just took a picture of him and this dog next to the Christmas tree, it would be SOOO Cuuuute!

The best I could get of the whole cast.

The Little Devil Incarnate Himself, perfectly pesky at Tropicana

What's left of the cat make-up.

Aaron and Avery at the kid booth, coloring dolphins.

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