• Attendance

    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Mon. School


Buttercups, tracing with crayon, reading book about Shapes. We brought the little trike in and he has been going crazy on that. He can zip that thing around way better than A and N did at this age, although still can’t quite reach the pedals. Worked on communicating around food and drink, up and down. I know he understands the question, I don’t always get a solid symbolic communication. But he is starting to get that he doesn’t get what he wants unless he does something. The least he will do is an affirmative squeak and smile or excited hand shake. Sometimes a sign that looks like “more” and sometimes a Yeah or a nod.

Avery on Little Wheel

A and N:

  • Word Time (RIDE DRIVE) which led into a discussion of drinking and drunk drivers. Aaron did an imitation of what he thought drunk people were like. It was scary how well he nailed “Drunk Frat Boy Who Headbangs” so well.
  • Math Lesson 142-to part of 144. We did quarters and pretend buying items. We did not get the last 2 pp. of 144 done in the practice book, but that will be good review for next time. 1 to 2 days left in this chapter.
  • Naim did Ee in Sylvan and we matched pictures with their beginning letter sounds using magnetic letters/pictures on the white board.
  • Aaron did 1/2 of lesson 7 on animal names in Sylvan and did the DVD and workbook portion of lesson 16 in HOP. He also read the book “Pig’s Backpack.” Lesson was on compound words. 2 more days of HOP K and we will be moving on up to the next level!
  • HWT Letter B
  • Read “Where is Bear?” and “The Monster at the End of this Book” in which Aaron read almost all of it along with me.

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