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Last Day of VH for Fall

Aaron and Naim had Discoverers and as usual I get no info on that. Naim had drama and they did not do a play this term, which I think is good, because two plays two days in a row would have been a lot and he likes that they mostly do drama games in there anyway. Aaron made fruit salad for measure for treasure. He brought bananas.

And it was the BEST FRUIT SALAD EVAH! he said, but then had another major drama where he could not find the thing he made on Tuesday in Math Playground (it is in the same room as MFT). So he had a crying fit and hid under the table. I got all this through Nik. But this is exactly the problem we had last year when I took him out of almost everything except Discoverers. We were doing so good this year so far! Perhaps the break will be good for him, but I’ve kind of had it. Going to Village Home is a huge time commitment, costs money, and is a lot of work. It is a privilege and I’m not going to put up with this. He can stay home all day if he is going to continue to pull this and he will have to just do more homeschool at home. (Either that, or there is always the threat of public school, which I’ve really tried not to give the tone that that is a punishment or something awful in case we ever have to go that route, but there are enough kids at VH who have spent some time in PS and tell him how awful it is that if we say anything about it, he acts like we are sentencing him to prison.)

Avery did OK at Little Villagers again. Seemed to just put up with snack, didn’t do art, and went to the library with Nik instead of going outside to the park with the others. So maybe he needs a break, too. He has one more “off-site” Head Start after Thanksgiving and then he will have a month long break from all off-site school. Though his teacher will still come. (And I think there is a Head Start Xmas Party as well.)

Avery Movie (let see how this works!)


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