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    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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VH, Last Week, Head Start


Math Playground-They made geometric designs out of long strips of paper. All I saw of that one.

Bookworms-no clue! (Looks like something about sea life, based on stuff brought home.)

Science (N)-They made some kind of substance that Naim had in a plastic bag that looked a bit like milk (a little less white than store milk) and was very cold. Naim said it was milk that didn’t come from cows. He also brought his whole notebook home, his “lab book” so I will look through that and see if there is anything good to scan.

Legos (A)-He had some sort of shit-fit because he couldn’t find two rocket pieces or something. I was actually sitting right outside reading a book and they came and got me, which kind of pissed me off. Then I go in to see what the problem is and he tells me, and I’m like, “Aaron (sigh), you can’t have a cry-y, whiney fit over every little stupid thing. There are four hundred bajillion legos here, be imaginative.” But what always happens with him is that every gives him the poor baby treatment and so if I tell him to suck it the fuck up or go sit on a bench and don’t participate, they look at me like I’m awful. (I don’t say it that badly.) But the kid needs to grow up about some of this stuff. I don’t want to be called into a classroom unless you broke your leg, kid.

I came home and Danielle was here with Nik and Avery, but just finishing up. They did bean and rice table. He did pretty well with her and played with her himself for a bit.

Evernote Samples: (Decided the easiest way to do them is links. Still figuring this out.)

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