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    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Thursday VH

Kids went to VH today and then Naim went to D’s while Aaron went to his friend Stockton’s house and then to D’s. Discoverers, Measure for Treasure and Drama, I heard nothing about them except it was a good day and they “played and did the usual.”

Avery and Nik went to Little Villagers. Avery played a lot with Jacob, the boy who is just a few weeks younger. No parallel play for them, they were actually interacting apparently. He was Meh on circle time and was NOT GOING TO DO the art thing under any circumstances. Which was something about drawing their outline. Other than that, all ok and Teacher Terri is going to run with Nik in the 5K Turkey Trot, so I think the kids and I will do the 1K.

At home, Avery has a definite “bye bye” and a definite “yeah.” It came back!

The Viking Fetus lives on! These two are only a few weeks apart in age and Avery towers over him.

Hanging out on the little rocker.

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