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    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Fall Through Day

I tripped and twisted my ankle pretty badly when trick-or-treating, and the weather was supposed to be bad today (but wasn’t really) so we decided not to do our field trip. D fell through on the kids yesterday when they usually go over there, and then fell through again today, so in a very unpopular move, we decided to do school and housework.


  • Word Time: PLAIN FANCY
  • Math Lesson 133, more with AM and PM and clocks.
  • Read “In a People House” and “One Fish, Two Fish” looked for words the kids know. (Aaron knows most of them.)
  • Naim read Zig Pig and Dan Cat, did worksheets and supplemental workbook for HOP Lesson 10 -it words. Read “The Pig Can Hit”. Did the Aa Lesson in the Sylvan Alphabet Book.
  • Aaron did the Shape Words lesson in Sylvan and did worksheets in Lesson 14 of HOP with short e CVC words.
  • HWT, did first lesson in new books, which was a review of pencil grip, holding paper, that kind of thing.
Kids also went outside where Nik drilled them in PE -style jumping jacks and other excursuses and then took them to the park for a bit because they were crazy. Now they are working on upstairs housework.
Avery went to the grocery store with Nik this morning, after doing breakfast at Ds.

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