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    October 2011
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VH Thursday

Nik says Avery is getting a bit more into Little Villagers. (Except Art, still could care less.) He is doing better in transitions and participated in circle time. Since taking him off dairy again, he has made an almost 100% turn around since his crabby last week. He pooped funny for about two days once we switched him over to almond milk. Then by Wednesday, he was back 75% and by Thursday he was the happy, engaging self that he usually is. Lots of communication, smiles, hugs and laughter. Makes me wonder if all of this delay might have been majorly affected not by him having autism but him being sick from lactose intolerance and just feeling too crappy to care or learn anything. The difference is amazing. Also noted that Head Start Danyelle doesn’t seem to care if he is behind on vaccines so we will again not rush to get caught up. We will do two in December at the two year and then see about a March or extra appointment for the other set. I think that will help, too. Vaccines make him cranky and sickish and when you are doing them every month, the lost time developmentally at this age is pretty substantial. So we will remain on the slow-vax schedule. Wow, that baby is like day and night on dairy. Makes me think how much breast milk/formula affected him for that whole year and how sickish he must have felt the six months we had him on WIC whole milk. Thankfully I DID read about autism and decided to try that. I think all those kids who get better with a lactose or gluten-free diet never had autism per se. And the kids who are not helped by a change in diet…are they sick with something else organic or medical? There is a lot of evidence linking autism to autoimmune stuff and CFS. It is like the child-version of CFS that affects development. Canary in the fucking mine (of pollutants, toxins, environmental crap) if you ask me.

Big kids had Discoverers and Measure for Treasure/Drama. All well. Measure had something to do with volume. Nik finally met the drama teacher. He says she is in love with Naim and also invoked Jim Carrey in regards to him. I think Jim Carrey may have talent, but his personal views have made me dislike him. But I guess the point is that Naim has some good physical comedy skills and comedic timing. They are not going to put on a play this term. They are going to possibly do a showcase, but mostly they just do acting games. Naim likes that.

Kids came home and went to Noodles with Fred and a park.

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