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    May 2013
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May 23, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. Naim took him out to the bus. They did not seem to care, so maybe that can be a Naim job. It would save me like 20 minutes. And that is breakfast or a shower. Yes, these are the increments of time I work in. Avery’s backpack was full of art work.


Big kids:

  • We answered the questions about Maria Martinez in DER. We also did the workbook pages.
  • We did Lesson 5 in Math in Focus, which was about adding 3 numbers. I am so glad to be done with subtraction with regrouping for now. It took us about two weeks to get through that. We will revisit later, but just wanted to move on. we did just the textbook intro today.
  • They did 2pp. in Sylvan
  • Naim did Lesson 17 DVD in HOP. It is the last lesson in the K level. We will have review for a few days and then he will finally be in first grade reading. (In summer before third grade…but at least it is no longer kindergarten and he IS a reader.
  • Aaron did Lesson 1 DVD in Level 2 of Second grade HOP.
  • Aaron did 3 in Letter school and in the HWT book.
  • Naim did Uu on the iPad in Letter school, the Zaner Bloser app and the other app that I can’t think of.
  • They watched BrainPop about reptiles and about Eloise Greenfield.
  • They did Lesson 5 in Module A of Artelier Art.

This is Aaron’s project. He refused to do dogs, so they are all cats. They are a zombie cat, a ghost cat, and a Holloween cat. He did not really layer them in a way that shows perspective like they wanted (a cat in front, a cat behind…) But he didn’t want to glue them on at all.


Naim’s cats and dogs. He was closer to the assignment than Aaron was. But I liked how he said that they are doing a pyramid like cheerleaders.