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May 18, 2013

I got tickets for “A Year with Frog and Toad” at Oregon Children’s Theater from the VH auction. Nik took the kids and they enjoyed it. I think OCT productions are a bit more sleek and upscale than NWCT, and they are put on in the big theater, so it is like going to a “fancy show.” But there is not as much audience participation and silly stuff. They have drama classes, too, but they are held on the east side. Another thing I like it that their productions are more modern books and stories. NWCT does a lot of classics like “Cinderella.” Maybe it has to do with copyright vs. public domain stuff. Anyway, it is nice to go to their shows sometimes. I am a fan.

They went for cupcakes afterwards I think at St. Cupcake, which is closer to the Newmark theater now and not NWCT anymore…which is another plus.