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May 20, 2013

Avery went to Goddard. Here is his report. Based on the meeting I had with the ECSE folks on Friday, I was thinking I should ask the Goddard teachers if they want to consult with the “experts” at ECSE and show them how it’s done. Although I have no doubt there would be some choking at Goddard if they had a kid with a serious disability, such as blindness…but then ECSE isn’t doing those kids much good either. If I think about it too much and what it means for the future, I get a headache.

The big kids and I had a busy day that did not involve a lot of “homeschool.” We had to go to the Oregon Commission for the Blind. I had a quick meeting with my VRC, a meeting with the executive director, a guide dog show and tell, and a meeting with the Helen Keller National Center thing.

Aaron spent most of the afternoon there playing on an iMac. Naim attended the first part of the guide dog demonstration with Nik, but then he also went to play on the computers. Then Nik took them home a bit early, while I stayed and finished up. I don’t know if that quite counts as a fieldtrip, but they do get exposure to an office setting and meeting other blind people and talking to a variety of people and professionals. ¬†We wanted to get them both to drama and art, but there was no way for either of us to do it and make sure Avery was picked up by 6:00, which is a hard deadline. So, we skipped art and drama.

Nik worked with Aaron on his catch-up math the last few days. He played a game of flashcard bingo with him, then he did two workbook pages in math that he had to redo from before.