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January 27-28, 2013

Kids went to Outdoors In on Saturday so that I could get some office/bills stuff done. Also wasn’t feeling that great.

Sunday, we did not go to church. The kids went to visit D at the nursing home with Nik (even Avery.)  D talked about maybe coming home in two weeks, but I am not sure how settled that is at all. We also got in touch with the city about possibly adopting a park to care for as a service project, so still collecting info on that.

Monday, I was feeling terrible and overslept by about 3 hours! Avery missed Goddard and kids did not get school done. I kick myself a bit for this because I have appointments next week on Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. BUT! That is the end of the first round of appointments (there will be follow-ups based on these, but at least I will know more about where things are at.)

I did manage to get them downtown for art and drama. Aaron talked about clay and Naim enjoys his class. I was outside for a few minutes, there is a lot of “act” laughing and crying and carrying on. It is very upbeat.


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