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October 10, 2012

Naim and Aaron went to Discoverers at VH. Avery and I went to the park, to Ava’s and then to the library to read books and do puzzles and stuff.

We were not able to get out of the max door at Central, so we ended up going to the next stop, then I couldn’t get Avery out of the door the kids were at. Naim followed me but Aaron did not, he got caught on the other side. I yelled at him to get out and wait, I would come around. But he stood in the doorway until the max driver got mad at him over the PA system. This got him more scared. So, I told another passenger to tell him to get out and wait and I would come around, which he did. It was sort of poorly executed all around. Stupid max driver, she had to see the problem. There was no sign on the out of order door and I was trapped between bikes and wheelchairs.

Anyway, so we took the bus to school and I had Avery wear his backpack for the first time. He was very cute and grown up looking. VH seemed to go well. They had sharing circle. Aaron shared his General Grevous Costume and Naim shared his backpack.

Creepy General Grevous

Avery getting used to his backpack.


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