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October 3, 2012

VH Day for kids. Discoverers.

Avery and I went to Goodness and then the park and the library. I lost him at the library for the second time. He has no qualms about running all over that place, when if I go to the bathroom at home he has to come with me. He loves to climb these steps and if I turn my back (which I did because he was happily playing with puzzles and I was watching the one year old storytime to see if it would be a better fit for him) he takes off up the stairs. I looked up there once and didn’t see him. Then I heard an announcement on the loudspeakers, but didn’t actually hear it. But why else do librarians publically announce anything? So I knew they had him but didn’t know where, looked at two reference desks before I found him at the third, upstairs. He was happily sitting on a chair behind a computer at the desk. No issue with being lost at all. (He knew where I was.) If that happens again there, they will probably report me to child services or something. They know I’m blind. Eeks!

In the coffee cup at Goodness. He was a shit here. Eleanor gave him a little coffee cup with juice in it and a straw, he took it too the bathroom, spilled it all over the floor, and put the cup and straw in the toilet. I had to wipe it off with a hundred paper towels, cuz it looked exactly like pee. And then I had to stick my hands in the toilet and fish out the stuff. God, That KID!


At the fountain in Beaverton Park. It will be shut off for winter soon.

Surrounding himself with as many vehicles as he can find.

Later went down to TriMet to get our pics taken for new year bus passes and I had to replace my expired Honored Citizen card. Avery was very excited to see his Church RE teacher in McDonald’s and went crazy waving and saying “Hi! hi! hi!” Wow, this is the child who wouldn’t acknowledge his parents much a bit over a year ago.

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