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September 17, 2012

Avery went to Goddard and saw Jean, the SLP from EI. Traci said that went well and I did see picture cards out on the table. I changed his schedule (again!) to M, Th, F. And this Friday he is going to go all day because the big kids and I are going to OMSI for their lab and fieldtrip day.

From Jean:

I visited Avery at school on Monday morning.  I was really pleased to see how many things he was doing.  He was following routine one step directions related to cleaning up toys and going to circle time.  He said “Hi” to me and smiled when I came in the room and seemed to recognize me.  He sat in circle and paid attention and imitated one of the other children’s names.  He imitated some signs and listened to the story being read.  He put puzzles together with a little modeling and encouragement from a teacher.  I saw him interact with several other children and Traci reported seeing this more often.  He is also saying a few words spontaneously like “car, blocks, book, purple”.  He is not consistent in the words he is saying.  Traci showed me the picture system that you made for him.  Her feedback was that she did not think he was relating the pictures to the actual objects or activities.  He would just randomly point to a picture.  I would like to have the staff there take pictures of Avery with the objects or in the activities, so that they are more concrete than the board maker pictures.  Does that sound ok to you?  I would also like to call Kathy Kohama and check base with her.

I really did feel that this was a good place for him and that he is having a lot of opportunities to observe, participate and learn.

Let me know what you think and then I can go back and help the teachers decide what words to concentrate on when taking the pictures.  I would also have them portable so wherever he is in the classroom or outside he would have access to them.

Thank you Lisa!

Damned VH and its rotating classes. Oh, well. At least I have been able to be flexible. And so has everyone else.

I had to go to the doctor this morning right after I dropped Avery off. There are a lot of Dr. Appts. going on in the next few weeks. So they missed about 2 hours of school time and we made up for it a bit in the afternoon.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 20 of DER. We did a short a/o tic tac toe game that we obviously must have missed before. He is still doing pretty well on our second go around.
  • We finished the practice pages for 8.4 in Calvert Math. I think they did better than the other day, but we were not able to move on. Aaron was confused about 9×4=4×9=36, so why wouldn’t 9 tens and 4 ones = both 94 and 49. We got out the place value blocks to figure that one out, and I think he got it then. Interesting questions they come up with.
  • Both did 4 pp. in Sylvan.
  • Naim read Fat Cat on a Mat for reading. STILL waiting for his HOP replacement book to come.
  • Aaron did the worksheets in HOP for lesson 5.
  • Both did a page in HWT. We have a unit on numbers next, then the end of that book. I have Naim’s Zaner Bloser stuff for after that, in which I am sending him back to Kindergarten. Aaron wants to move in in HWT, so he will go on with the next book and work mostly on his own in it. It will be his third print book, so I think he will be fine. He wants to learn cursive. I told him if he did one more print book he could move on to cursive, and so we’ll see how fast he gets through the next book.

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