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September 5, 2012

Avery’s school started the new “school year” this week, not that it looks any different for Avery. He is still in Traci’s room, I hope he can stay there for awhile. He will be going there Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this year, unless we decide to put him in ECE and then we’ll see…but that won’t happen until he is 3 years old. Here is his report for today. I am starting him on potty training prerequisite stuff. Pulling up and down pants, sitting on the potty chair, but probably won’t start for serious until about Thanksgiving, because then it will be winter and we will have a solid 6 or so weeks off from any obligations. So we can stay home and he can be naked and stuff. So, want to ask Traci to start working on that kind of stuff with him, too.

Big kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 16 of DER, in the middle of it had a little I-haven’t-had-to-do-school-for-a-week shitfit, and got a time out. then regained composure shortly thereafter and did ok for the rest of the day.
  • Both finished the test in Ch. 7 in Calvert Math. Naim missed two on the chapter test, none on the cummulative test. Aaron missed none on either.
  • Naim got a day off from Individual Reading since he finished his book last time.
  • Aaron did 4 pp. of Sylvan and did the review stuff from the Unit 1 review of HOP. Also read Chick-Chick the Ping Pong Champ again. Read Pig Digs in a Wig(?) from some Usborne phonics books.
  • Sentence School was Ava hides. Ava Slides.
  • Did a “magic c” practice activity in HWT. worked on letters a,c,d,g,o,q. Wrote sentences and more practice in journals.
  • They made T-shirt designs for Village Home T-shirt contest. They will not be in contention since they are competing against teenaged- graphics designers, but it was fun to see what they came up with to sum up VH. They don’t quite get that VH can mean different things to different people and they had to be representative of everyone. Not everyone is all about drama and legos and art. But it gave me an idea that VH should do some kind of quilt/tile fundraiser where every kid can put something specific that VH means to them.

Also noticed that the Village Free School moved to a neighborhood not far from Nik’s work. I do believe we will stay with VH throughout high school, but I have always been intrigued with the free school concept and think it would be ideal for Aaron. (Naim may get off on the self-governing thing as well.) You can go part-time, so something to think about for the future. It was just way too far away.

In other news, Avery is officially cut from Head Start. They let us finish the year but now we are out, due to no longer financially qualifying. It is just as well, I know they have waitlists and I would hate for someone to be waiting who really needs it when we were just kind of half using it. But, it was fun for a year.

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