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August 8, 2012

Avery went to school and when I picked him up, he was in the classroom next door. His classroom is empty and his teachers were in the office in a meeting. Not sure the deal there, but Avery seemed a bit irritated on the way home. Can’t disrupt the 2 year old routine. I assume whatever the deal was had nothing to do with him, or they would have told me. Maybe it was just a routine staff meeting that they have sometimes. Here is his freely report.

Big kids:

  • Aaron read the last Usborne book in the series, “Mr. Mystery.” I forgot to print out the word bank, but he did fine without it. I looked into getting him the next Usborne series books while we wait for Naim to finish up DER. Because the next discoveries is a bit too easy for Aaron and a bit too hard for Naim, so I thought we might be able to have “Together Reading” again and I would just give Aaron harder things to do and Naim easier things. But if I did that, I would have to get the additional student kit from Calvert. Which isn’t a big deal. But to fill the gap, I looked to Usborne. I love those books but their websites suck major choda. Hate, hate, hate. And I am NOT going to seek out some pushy sales person who wants me to have a book tupperware party. So, screw it Usborne, you have officially lost me. Not saying I won’t pick up a book or two from time to time, but not going on in the reading series because the websites make no sense. I have enough books around for Aaron to read while Naim is finishing DER.
  • Naim did Lesson 11 in DER, answered questions and reviewed workbook.
  • Calvert Math we did more with bar graphs. 7.5 and 7.6.
  • Naim did 2 pp. in Sylvan, Aaron did four.
  • Naim did bonus book for HOP Lesson 16, reread “The Rats.”
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP Lesson 2.
  • Sentence School “Ben taps. Ben claps.” and letter -q- in HWT. I’m starting to seriously think about killing Handwriting without Tears. I may finish the current book. I t works OK for Aaron, his writing is reasonable, but Naim hates it and I hate teaching it. One of the biggest problems is the two lines they use when every other book uses the Zaner Bloser three line grid. Naim just doesn’t get where in space to put letters. There is also not enough practice in the book. So what he can do half-way ok on the chalkboard, doesn’t translate well to the book. I have found an iPad app for handwriting we might try, and then I am seriously thinking about switching next book to Zaner Bloser. But I would have to start him in Kindergarten again, and Aaron can really go on. Anyway, we also did journal copy work, which is where you really see that the two line system that HWT uses confuses Naim. Maybe I will scan a page.
  • Watched Space Flight in Brain Pop.

They went to Ds this afternoon. D has a pressure wound that is reaching a critical stage. I can feel it coming… He is staying in bed today. I am starting to go over there nights to make/bring him dinner. Which is tiring. The day I came home from Oral Hull I was so tired and had barely walked in the door when he messaged that he had a catheter clog. I went over there and flushed out the line but I was half dead when I did it. I’m giving myself a 9:00 curfew over there, otherwise I will not survive. But I kind of see a hospitalization in the future, so that will be a rest. Meanwhile, we recieved no timesheets last month…??? So have to figure that out. What does this have to do with homeschool? Nothing, I’m just bitching. And my dishwasher doesn’t work and we need to replace it but can’t afford right now so kids are “building character” by washing dishes. There, I brought it back to homeschooling.

A recent page from Aaron’s handwriting book, sadly the best I could do with a flatbed scanner. He makes little flurishes, but his writing is always basically neat and legible.


Naim’s is a bit all over the place. You can read this, but sometimes it is impossible to read. His numbers are worse.

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