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August 9th, 2012

The street was closed for new blacktop or whatever they call it, so we were not able to get to the MaX without going way out of our way, so we went to 53rd Ave. Park for a picnic and playtime. Big kids spent the most time making an elaborate dam, river and lake system in the sand with some other kids. Avery and I wandered around and whined a lot. Avery has been an absolute monster this week, and then in the afternoon he started throwing up.  I am starting to suspect a peanut allergy now. He was eating peanuts in the morning and sneezing the entire time. His poop this week has been gross and seedy, and he has been doing that type of “play” where he just wanders around and doesn’t really engage in anything  and is constantly cranky. The only thing that I can think of that has been different this week is that we have been eating out of this jar of trail mix that is heavy on peanuts. (Also raisins, m and m’s and walnuts.) He has had raisins a lot with no problem as well as grapes. peanuts we don’t have so much, and that is the next thing on the “most likely allergens” list. Sigh. This kid is a challenge. I am trying to remember if the last time he threw up, we had nuts or something, and I don’t remember. But both times, he was the only one who got sick, which means it is less likely to be a virus or food poisoning. Friday (when I’m actually writing this) he did not want to get up and so I kept him home from school, which means that big kids and I did not get school done, either.

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