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August 6, 2012

Avery’s default state. Holding “Ribbity” and Air bottling.

Heh. Avery had fun playing with Chicken Car. I have no idea what Chicken Car is. But here is his report.

Big Kids:

  • We watched a video hosted by Wil Wheaton via NASA about the Mars Rover Curiosity Landing.
  • And of course, BrainPop was about Mars as well.
  • Naim watched Lesson 9 of DER. We answered the questions and reviewed the workbook.
  • Aaron read “Knight Fight” and did the worksheet on silent letters. We are now on the last book of this series. I like Usborne in general, but I thought this series ramped up too fast. Naim could do it in the beginning and then it just plain got too hard. When I look at the next series, it seems to start lower than this one. I think I may keep Aaron with Usborne, because he is ok with the challenge and keep Naim with Calvert’s Discoveries in Reading Series. Or I could do Aaron with DR even though he never did the first DER like Naim. Hmmm. Think I will look at the next step in Usborne to decide (and then I would have to track that down.)
  • We did our own tally sheet and bar graph with colored blocks. Then did Calvert’s 7.3 Lesson. One of the things it asked us to do was to pole at least 10 people about their favorite season, and then graph that. Since we didn’t have ten people, we poled stuffed animals, which included a variety of voices and actions and reasonings to their vote. It was funny.
  • Both did 2 pp. in Sylvan
  • Naim did Lesson 16 in HOP, DVD and book, which included reading “The Rats.” It is about plural -s- at the end of words.
  • Aaron did DVD and book for Lesson 2 in HOP, words that end in -th and -sh.
  • Sentence School (Ava points. Ava counts.) I did not have time to have them write copywork in their journals today, but the cool thing about this was that when we went over the word ‘count’, it asked about skip counting, and Aaron skip counted perfectly by 2s, 5s, and 10s. I didn’t know he could do that. I give Amy and math playground the credit for that.
  • HWT was -f-. Naim’s handwriting drives me mad. It is just so bad. I’m not sure what to do but just keep at it. I may post a note on a homeschooling board and see if anyone has any ideas.
  • Since we now had sugar, we redid our yeast experiments. We just have breadmaking left in that unit. Maybe Wed.
  • Kids made pictures with oil pastels.

Naim with our yeast experiment. The other yeast solution we made was in an open dish, and foamed all over the place. So this one we decided to catch the foam in a balloon.

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