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July 2, 2012

Quickly, we have Avery here doing Flubber. I asked her about whether the pictures are helpful at all. She says sometimes, which I think means he doesn’t really use them. I sort of half expected that, but I guess I still feel like it is good that he had them just in case he WANTS to use them. She would have to consistently ask him about choices and take him over there for the answer. I think a) there are not a whole lot of choices he has to communicate there; and b) she is going to be too busy to do it consistently enough to get him into the habit. But I guess I did what I can.

I had to deal with the landscaping guy this morning and then the grocery truck game right after that, so A and N school time was cut a bit short. Here’s what we got done:

  • Sentence School and HWT, I march. I tiptoe. -j- respectively
  • Started Ch. 6 in Calvert Math which has to do with fractions. Today talked about whole and parts, and equal parts. Did 6.1
  • Sylvan: Naim did -ad words and Aaron worked on number words.
  • Brainpop, watched about the 13 colonies.
  • We also wrapped up the godawful mold experiment and got to throw that shit out! Yeah!

During the math fractions stuff, we divided crackers up into two unequal parts and equal parts. What is interesting about this is that it lead into a whole discussion about what to do when something makes you upset (like if someone divided a cracker unevenly and gave you the small part.) We talked about the time in-between when something happens and when you decide how to react. So someone just gave you an unfair portion of the cracker…there is actually a space in time where you decide what to do. 1) cry into a ball; 2) hit them and try to grab the cracker away; 3) tell them you would like a fair share of the cracker; 4) let it go and just eat the part you got and not worry about it. Naim got this, but Aaron kept saying it doesn’t make sense. To him, his reaction is automatic and not something he has control over or makes a choice about. So, we did some other scenarios and practiced. I still don’t know if he really understands that his reaction is largely a choice, and he needs to take time to think of all the options and make the best choice. But it made it clear to me that telling him to stop crying about everything is not really going to work. To him it is just what his body does and he doesn’t control it. Which is true to a degree, I suppose. So, now I will try to help him find those moments after something happens but before we react, and then help him to look at the options and what might be the consequences of those options.


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