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May 14, 2012

Avery went to Goddard and cried again but went willingly to Traci, Still mixed feelings about Goddard and for some reason, a lot of new feelings about child care in general. Nik keeps telling me about older people who are blind that they have to turn away for services because they don’t have a vocational goal as retirees (they won’t let them have one either, once above 55.) Some have money that they would be willing to spend on private tutoring in computers, Braille, O&M and ADLs, etc. But the problem is child care. How to work and now cancel out what you make with child care, and how to find decent, dependable? It is a catch-22. But anyway, It says Avery played with trains. And perhaps rose petals. But who knows?

Big Kids:

  • Last day of “Run, Rabbit, Run” did worksheet, helped Naim significantly with it. Aaron is chugging through the Usborne stuff, and getting farther away from Naim. So much for “Together Reading.” I think I will keep on, do a lot of help with Naim, and work on comprehension with him. Whatever else can’t hurt.
  • Worked on Moonjar boxes and discussed Spend/Save/Share model of money management. We talked about how there are many people richer than us in the US, but compared to the world, we are very rich and we watched some video of conditions in Latin America and also some information about clean water and water access. Aaron filled up a jug of water and wanted to send it to the people who have to walk 3 miles for dirty water. We talked about how  just sending water would only help for a day and would cost a lot of money and what they need are wells and filtration systems. The moon jars were built, but then it got a little out of hand when counting and keeping track of money. They don’t totally get it and it needs more work. I am going to have to go back to this later and now go back to the Calvert book. Moonjars might end up being a “special project.”
  • Naim did 4 review pages of beginning and ending sounds in Sylvan. Aaron did 2 and spelling words.
  • Naim did HOP online worksheets.
  • Aaron did DVD and book reading fr- and br- words. One word was Fred, and he thought that was hysterically funny because Fred was just here.
  • Word Time was SING and PLAY.
  • Handwriting was W
  • Also worked on shoe-tying with Naim, which is driving me crazy! Can’t model because he doesn’t have the visual-spatial to copy. Have to go hand-over-hand. He gets it, then the next day forgets and we start all over again.

Ingredients were shea butter, cocoa butter, bees wax, glycerin, sunflower oil, vitamin E and lavender. We got the recipe off the ‘net, natch.

We all went to D’s house to get a celsius thermometer. Then Naim and I made homemade lotion this afternoon. It is one of his ideas for entrepreneurship. They are still cooling, but it seemed to go well. The most complicated part was that you had to mix certain ingredients when they were certain temperatures. This required some constant stirring and waiting until things cooled. Patience required. Naim wants to name his company NX. He put that on all the jars. We made 5 jars, I tried to tell him that this was our focus group jar batch. If he wants to sell them, we will do more and he will have to do the math.

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