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May 13, 2012

Church today. Avery went to nursery and cried but ran to Christine. Kids did something where, Naim says, they thought about thinking. I know they made a statement  and had to survey their classmates to see if they agreed or disagreed. Naim’s was something about how he liked to make loud noises. Then there was something about being a sherif of a town. Last week they made flags for their own country, so maybe something to do with that. (Naim’s was Sunland and Aaron’s was Velocirapter Land.) Next week, Nik has been invited to do the Guide Dog and pony show for class. I think that might be the last class of the year.

After we went to Safeway downtown to get stuff for sandwiches and then went up to Washington Park playground for a picnic. It was my first time going by bus up to where the Japanese Garden and Rose Garden and stuff were. (Been there years ago.) We ended up getting kind of worn out and hot and tired by the time we got groceries, waited for bus, ate and let kids play. So, did not get to Japanese Garden this time. (I have two free passes from VH auction.) Now, we know better how to get there on the bus and stuff (and will not walk a mile and a half to the grocery store first) so will conserve more energy and try again. Maybe next week. We’ll see. The playground is pretty cool. Sandbox, and quite large and accessible. Can’t believe I’ve never been there. Nik may have taken pics, I will check later.

Got these on the way home though. The arbor in D’s apartment complex has in bloom lavender vines for just about a week every Spring, its pretty cool, but you have to catch ’em quickly.

Also lilac bush. I want a lilac bush. It reminds me of childhood.

Raining lavender!

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