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April 30, 2012

I’m going to try to do kind of a before dinner quick post time so I don’t forget. And I’m just going to date the titles. I can’t keep track of all the numbers!

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 8: Moon Zoom and reviewed word bank.
  • Read “A Chair for My Mother” as part of this week’s money unit I decided to do (not from Calvert Math). It is from Moonjar and talks about setting goals and budgets, etc. Starting a business. Today we reviewed coins and dollars and talked about wants vs. needs. Did a worksheet where we identified needs. I think this unit will last three or four days. We need some learning about money that goes beyond what coin is what.
  • Sylvan books: Naim did qu- sounds and -ck sounds. Also matching beginning and ending letters.
  • Sylvan: Aaron’s sight words were find, come, run (is run really a sight word?), see, and I forget. Did about four pages each in any case. Aaron also did ten spelling words.
  • Aaron finished the review for Unit 2 in HOP. Read review words, Read “Lucky for Me” and did video game.
  • Naim finished his unit 2 also in HOP. He read the review words, read “The Kit” and did the video game. We are now officially venturing into new territory with him and hope to finish the book. (about 1/3 left.) Each Unit will take longer with him, I think. I plan to do a day on the DVD and book, A day on the worksheets and read story from book again. And a day on the supplemental book and read some other corresponding phonics reader (Bob Books, etc.) I guess it is three days instead of two, and then we will see where we are.
  • Word Time was THROW CATCH
  • HWT was lowercase o.
  • Avery and I read a few books this morning while he was cribbing, but he is still recovering from illness today and has been sleeping all afternoon.

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