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VH: Spring Week 1: Tuesday

Kids were back in VH for Spring Term. Maya (of Jenn Crowell fame) joined them this term. So that’s cool, another homeschooler!

Lets see what info I have from teachers:

Math Playground: Spring Week 1

Today we explored doubling, counting by 2s as well as other mathematical thinking by:
– Reading Minnie’s Diner (by Dobbs)
– Scooping “ice cream balls” and then doubling the serving
– Using pennies in 10-frames to practice doubling the numbers 6-9
– Counting pairs of leaves
– Creating mirror images of a collection of objects
– Solving a word problem using powers of 2
– Dividing 9 Easter eggs into groups of 2, 3 and 4
– Playing Old Maid (actually, Buzz LIghtyear)
– Solving picture graph puzzles, and
– Using bean-sticks to add 3 2-digit numbers

I’m not sure what happened in bookworms.

I went to Legos with Aaron for just a few minutes and Avery just went crazy running around that room. He really wants to go to school. I wish I could find him something.

Avery and I went to the library and when we got back to get Naim, he had a paper plate full of a “cell” complete with toothpicks and cell part labels on the end. Cell wall was a pita bread, cookie was the nucloutide. I think fruit leather was the endoplasmic reticulum. I think marshmallows were golgi apparatus, I forget what else, but I wish I would have taken a picture. I had to make him eat it before we got on the max. It was pretty cool. He also had a labeled picture of a cell as well.

Avery running around in the room where Aaron has Legos and also another class does PE type of things.

Avery in the library.


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